Chapter 58: Stay Calm

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I understand the chapters have been short. I understand that it may piss a lot of you off. Now I need you all that it does piss off to understand that I do not care. I am sorry they're short, but I have a life. You know with family, friends, and school. I already wrote these chapters and they are staying the length they're at. Some are longer than others and some are obviously shorter. Still all the love for my readers though even if you dont like my chapter lengths. ♡ ;) lol Enjoy!!

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Maddi's POV

The door makes a creaking sound as someone comes in through it. The door is behind so I can't see anything or who it was. I don't hear any footstep or another person's breathing which makes me both anxious and relieved. I gasp loudly when something is places over my head making everything black. I feel my hands being untied and as soon as they are untied I contemplate trying to make a run for it. I know it's a pointless idea so I decided to just stay still.

I'm pulled up and whoever it is harshly grips my wrist and I stumble as I stand to my feet. I lean into whoever is moving me to catch my balance. The person doesn't push me off which I guess is a good thing. A moment later the person begins to pull me, leading me somewhere else. The door creaks again indicating its open and I feel a gush of hash wind. It's much colder out here then inside wherever I was.

"Over here!" someone yells and the person who is leading me turns me around and we began walking, I assume, in a different direction. I hear the gravel beneath my feet as I walk.

"We need to hurry," someone says and I try to make out the voice but the wind is much too loud and the voice was too quiet.

"I know, Ross will meet us there. He wants the girl to be there before Jay gets there."

"That shouldn't be a problem."

Suddenly something is slammed and I'm pushed forward. I hit my legs, below my knees, on something really hard causing my upper half to tip over and my eyes water as I hiss in pain. Someone yanks me back up but my legs continue to hurt and I have a feeling whatever I ran into cut me.

"Step up," someone demands and try my best to blindly step up. Once I am I am pushed in to the back of what I assume is a van and the door is slammed shut. I land on my side and try to ignore the pain from the fall. "Stay down."

I do as I'm told and stay down and i hear the van start and we start to move making me slide back. I'm so glad I'm not in that chair anymore plus this van is warm compared to it. I obviously have no clue where were going but I think I'd be more anxious if I did so I'm fine with the ignorance I have the entire situation.

After a very bumpy and long drive the vehicle finally comes to a stop. The car door, I assume the driver's door, opens then shuts. Then the van's back door opens and the only reason I know this is cause I recognize the noise the sliding of the door makes. I sense someone in the back with me. I feel two hands grip me, pulling me to my feet before making follow them.

I end up falling while trying to step out of the van. Unfortunately whoever was leading me still has a grip on my arm so when I fall I twist it making a horrible cracking sound. I scream out as pain shoots through my shoulder. The guy let's go of my arm and my entire body falls flat on the ground.

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