Chapter 19: Ease dropping

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   Zayn and I kiss eachother like our lives depend on it as we ride up to his apartment in the elevator. Once we enter his apartment we go straight to his bedroom, not breaking our kiss. He slips his hand up my shirt and caresses my breast. I tug at the hem of his wanting it off.

   When his shirt is finally off he takes mine off too. He kisses down my jaw to my neck making me moan his name. His right hand slides down my body to my knee and up my skirt. We are both heavily breathing and I love every minutes of it. I gasp when his hand move my panties to the side and touches me.

   I fiddle with the zipper of his jeans wanting him to take them off. I need this. I need Zayn. I don't care what happens after this or what happened before. All I know, want, and need is him entangled with me. He might be a jerk, but damn is be a hot one.

   I finally unzip his jeans and he helps me take them off of him. Without any warning he pulls down my skirt along with my underwear. This is it, the moment Zayn and I will be one. There won't be any arguing or yelling going on, only pure lust and desperation for one's needs.

   "I'll get the condom," he begins pulling away, but I stop him.

   "I'm on the pill," I breathe out. He smirk and thrust into me.

   I moan as he fills me. He goes in and out in a fast steady pace that drives me crazy. I kiss his kneck, lightly biting down in some places. His hand is tangled in my hair, pulling on it. His sweaty body grinds on mine as we continue.

   When the high, that I'm so desperate to feel, begins I claws at his back. He moans too and rest his head near mine. His panting in my ear causes my high to come early and his soon after. He collapses on top of me while he is still in me.

   We just lie there trying to catch our breath. He finally rolls off of me and the high is gone. I don't want to move a muscle but I really have to pee. I look over at Zayn who is already staring at me with a smirk on his face. I roll my eyes at him and grab the sheet to wrap around me.

   "Where are you going?" he asks when I stand up.

   "Just to the bathroom," I answer.

   I unlock my apartment door and immediately go to the fridge. I am starving and really need water. I grab yogurt and a bottle of water before walking into the living room.

   "Look at you doing the walk of shame," Kayla smirks when she sees me.

   "This is not the walk of shame," I say. "That was the walk home."

   "So you did screw Zayn!" she laughs. She is way to excited about this.

   "That's none of your business," I mutter before shoving a spoonful of yogurt in my mouth.

   "Oh my god yes!" she cheers and I look at her like she is nuts.

   "Why are you so excited over this?" I raise my left eye brow at her.

   "Because you've been so cranky and sour all the time, now that you got laid you'll lighten up," she smiles. I just shake my head at her, laughing a little. Kayla is the only person I know who would get this excited over something like this.

   "So what about you and Liam?" I ask.

   "What about us?" she asks, flipping through the channels on the television.

   "Did you two screw?" I ask casually.

   "You can't just as people questions like that, Maddi! God" she jokes and I flip her off. "Seriously though we didn't."

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