Chapter 56:

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It's past midnight and I have school in the morning so this is unedited.

Not like I would have edited anyways lol. Enjoy ;)

Zayn's POV

I sift through photo and photo of apartments in New York. I just can't see myself or Maddi living there. I am so desperate to get out of this place. I am so close to achieving what I've always wanted and Madison is to thank for all of it. She changed me, made me a better person. And the sooner we both get out if here the sooner all thus gang crap could be over and done with.

I told everyone except Niall, Harry, and Liam that the entire deal with Joe was off. That I wasn't going to help him anymore. I didn't say anything about Maddi, just that she has nothing to do with the gang anymore. I am hoping that who ever the leak is will tell Ross this and he will stop screwing with her with those dumb notes. I told Joe that the plan would continue and he still thinks that the only thing he doesn't know is Ross won't come after Madison still.

The only thing I haven't thought through is what I am going to tell Joe when I move. He will surely try to arrest me or something. Catching Ross was my ticket to a clean slate. The police would drop any charges agaisnt me, although it's not many. I never got caught doing anything illegal that would put me away for a long time.

I sigh and stop looking at apartmemts. I'm hoping the realtor will be much more helpful. I just want to get something I know Madison will love. I have so much to make up for and I'm hoping if I give her anything she's ever wanted it will make up for some of it. I know it will take a lot more than the perfect place but I'll do anything to show Madison I love her and am truly sorry.

I leave my office already know Madison has been at my flat waiting for me for a while now. I lock my office door and go to talk to Louis but when I get there he already left. I then say goodbye to Amanda before exiting the building. I decide to stop by a convenient store and pick up Madison something.

The store is pretty much shit so I just grab a her small stuffed turtle and candy bar before grabbing myself a bottle of water. I pay for the items and roll my eyes at how expensive the turtle is for being such an shitty product. The old women behind the counter keeps glaring at me and I have a mind to yell at her but decide not too.

The ride from the store to my apartment is quick. I push the button to the elevator and once I'm in and the doors begin to shut someone puts their hand in the way to stop in. I roll my eyes as Wesley steps in. Could he not have just waited for it to come back down? He gives me a friendly smile which I don't return. I really hate him, he is always flirting with Madison.

"So what are you redecorating?" I hear Wesley speak and I look at him like he is fucking nuts.

"Nothing," I snap. Who the hell asks a question like that?

"Then why were banging around and making all the noise?" He asks me.

"What?" I ask, my expression changing from annoyed to frantic and worried.

"I heard a whole bunch of ruckess coming from your apartment. When I told Madison she didn't really seem phased by it," he tells me.


"Yeah, around five she was going to your flat. I just assumed you were moving things around or something."

"Where is she now?" I ask, hoping he knows and that she is safe.

"I don't know," he tells me. "She was going into your apartment the last time I saw her. Everything okay?"

The elevator doors open before I get a chance to reply. I run to my apartment where the door is cracked open. I waste no time and rush into my apartment. Everything is a mess and broken . I yell for Madison but get silence in return I search the the rest of the apartment and when I come back out Wesley is standing by the front door.

"Dude, you want me to call the police?" He looks concerned. I ignore him as I spot a note sticking to the broken television.

Being screwed and messed with isn't  something I enjoy Zayn. Let's see how much your precious "Toots" will enjoy it.


Maddi's POV

My head is spinning and my eyelids feel like bricks. I can't move my body and trying to open my eyes takes up all my energy. My eyes flutter as I try to look at my surroundings. I am in a chair and my head is drooping down since I don't have the strength to hold it up. I recognize Reid's voice but I cant see him. I don't even hear anyone else talking back to him so he must be on the phone.

"The drugs should be wearing off soon," I hear him say although his voice sounds fuzzy and quiet.

All I can see when my eyes flutter open is concrete. My body feels heavy and I know I'm numb. I feel tears coming out of my eyes as the fear of not knowing where I am and being kidnap overwhelms me. I want Zayn. I need Zayn to come save me. I know he will but I don't want to wait. He probably doesn't even know I'm gone yet. I just want Zayn to tell me he loves me and that everything will be okay.

"She said something?" I hear Reid say and his footsteps coming towards me.

He harshly grabs my chin and forces my head up. I try to keep my eye open to glare at him but it's hard and they soon close again.

"She's awake, I gotta go. Hurry," he says. I open my eyes again as much as I can to find him studying me. "What did you say? Was that Zayn's name o heard you calling?" He asks me.

I don't respond though, I can't. Reid begins to chuckle harshly and he throws my head back down. I whimper in pain. The feeling in my body is coming back slowly.

"You and Zayn, so in love," he mocks. "Well guess what baby? Zayn isn't here. He can't protect you."

A small sob escapes my lips as he reminds me I'm helpless.

"Oh, you poor baby," he grabs my chin again, this time bringing his face dangerously close to mine. "You really should have listened to me. I tried warning you. This is payback and not just for you but at Zayn too. He found me, you know that? After our little encounter when I told you not to tell anyone about. I was in the hospital for three days, because your big mouth."

I should feel anger or perhaps even fear at his threatening tone but instead I'm glad. I'm glad Zayn found him and kicked his ass. He deserved it.

"Ross is gonna have fun with you," Reid says. "Don't worry baby," Reid brings his face even closer now. "He isn't gonna kill you. No, he isn't that dumb. But you're gonna wish he would. You're gonna be begging him to kill you."

Reid slowly begins to lean in and with all the strength I must up I jerk my head back away from him but he is much stonger and I stay in place. He slowly pushes his lips to mine and I  sob out. He hushes me and slowly moves his lips to my cheeks and then down to jawline where he begins to suck harshly. My skins begins to sting at the suction and I know he is marking me.

"Stop," I muster out, my voice harsh and hoarse. He doesn't stop though, not for at least another thirty seconds.

"Maybe you should sleep, you're gonna need your rest baby," he whispers before finally walking away from. I'm left to sit lamely on this chair with my own sobs.


Not a long chapter but don't worry the next one makes up for it.

Goals: 80 votes, 25 comments.

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