Chapter 41: French Toast

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Wattpad would not let me publish this chapter from my phone. So I had to do it from my laptop, which, btw has a problem charging and literally takes forever if it even begins charging. So that my friends is why this chapter is really late.

I stretch uncomfortably, trying not to fall off of the couch. Zayn and I fell asleep on it last night while watching movies. A yawn escapes my lips and let my eyes roam the room for a clock. When I find one it's already ten thirty two in the morning. Good thing it's Saturday and I only have one class later in the afternoon.

I feel my stomach growl and it's the first time that has happened in a long time. Well, the first time I actually acknowledge it happening. I move my neck to the side to be face to face with Zayn, the sleeping beauty. I laugh at the thought considering he'd probably get annoyed at me calling him that.

"Zayn," I quietly say as I poke his cheek.

He doesn't react since he is still asleep. I frown at him kind of desperate for him to wake up. I really want some French toast, but I can't cook for s hit, so he is my only option. I know I won't eat more than one piece, if even that, but I still really want some.

"Zayn," this time I say it a little bit louder. I poke his cheek again and this time he goans.

I expect his eyes to open, but they stay closed.

"Zayn, wake up," I say, not even being a little bit quiet.

Instead of poking his cheek again I move my hand lower and to his stomach I start to run it down his toned abdomen before poking it twice. He just groans again and swats at me to leave him alone. I squint my eyes at him in glare before smirking. I lean my head in further till my lips are almout touching his ear.

"Zayn, babe," I whisper as seductively as I can, my lips lightly gazing over his ear. My hand rest falls back on his stomach, just above his belly button. I start to slowly trail my hand down to the wait band of his sweats. "Zayn."

Just as my hand reaches the waist band of his sweats his hand clamps down on my wrist, stopping my movements. I stare at him as his eyes snap open and he glares at me. I smile innocently at him and giggle a little.

"Madison," he says sharply.

"Zayn," I reply. "I want French toast."

"Then go make some," he says, his voice all raspy from just waking up and it's really hot.

"I can't cook," I tell him.

"Mmm," he groans, stretching too. I assume he forgot we were on the couch cause he stretches too much making me fall to the floor.

"Ow," I puff out, wincing from my back hitting the floor.

"Oh my god," Zayn leans over the couch, he looks worried before he burst out laughing. "I'm so sorry," he says but it's hard to understand him since he is laughing so hard.

I try to hold back my laughter, but end up failing when he snorts. That was one of the cutest and funniest thing I've ever seen Zayn do.

"That really hurt," I groan, still laughing. Soon our laughter subsides and he gets up and stands above me.

"Here," he holds his hand out for me. I grab his hand and he pulls me up making are chest bump. "I'll go make us breakfast."

"Thanks sleeping beauty," I press a kiss to his cheek.

"What?" he asks, scowling at me. I start walking to the kitchen and look back at him, trying not to laugh.


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