Chapter 60: Ripped out Heart

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Reid locks me in some room and tell me to be quiet as he shoves some clothes at me and tell me to get dress. Like what the hell was the point of Maria and Don? I very clumsily strip my clothes and put the dress and fishnets on. Since becoming intoxication my pain has decreased immensely. Maybe Reid gave me pain killers with my alcohol, but whatever it is I'm glad. I'd rather be wasted than in the amount of pain I was in before.

The dress is super tight and short. I feel way to exposed and try to pull the dress down to cover my legs more but it causes more of the neckline to lower. I pull it back up and roll my eyes at the dress. I would never wear this in a million years if I had a choice.

I start to feel really dizzy and decide to sit down. My head is racing and instead of the light feeling I had early it feels all too heavy. I close my eyes for a few seconds before opening them again. Everything is a little blurred but I can see. I close my eyes again wanting to rest and soon fall asleep.


I wake up to someone roughly shaking me. When I open my eyes Reid is hovering over me. My head feel heavy and all I do is stare blankly at him. My whole body aches and I feel nauseous. Reid pulls on my good arm to pull me up and the sudden movement of my body makes me sick. I end up throwing up to the side.

"We're late Madison," is all Reid says. After I'm done throwing up I look at him, my eyelids droopy. I don't respond and just stand up.

I follow Reid out of the room. I didn't really notice the hall before but now I feel like we're in some kind of abandoned hospital or something. The hall is wide and everything was clearly white before it was covered in dirt. The place gives me the creeps and I can't shake the feeling.

Reid pushes open two doors and then we turn down another hall. There are doors lined up on each side of the hall. We walk down the majority of the hall before he stops and turns towards me.

"Just be obedient and do everything told to you and you'll be fine." He tells me. "I really am sorry."

He turns away and opens the door to our left. The room is tiny and has two doors inside it. Reid glances at me before opening the door and the right and holding it open so I walk in first. I cautiously step in. The room is bright which immediately hurts my eye resulting in me shutting them. When in open the again I'm faced with a room filled with girls off to the sides but a big empty space in the front and center of the room.

I feel Reid's hand on my lower back causing me to to step forward. He continues to push me until I'm at the end of all the girls who are lined up. All the girls outfits are simular to mine; short and indecent. They all looked just as banged up as me if not worse and seem to be just as frightened.

I turn to Reid with a look of horror on my face.

"What is this?" My voice cracks and tears line my eyes as I already have a hint about where I'm at.

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