Chapter 14: Best Kiss in Years

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   I run the hair brush through my wet hair to remove any tangles. Zayn is sitting on the bed watching me carefully. Its honestly making me uncomfortable and insecure but I don't comment on it. I begin pulling my hair into a bun but stop when the pain from my ribs become unbearable.

   "What's wrong?" Zayn softly asks but I ignore him. I have been thinking about the whole situation and have become very irritated over it.

   If Zayn didn't always have to be right and so cocky I would never be in this condition. I would have never even went to that damn house. I know he apologized and everything, which is huge coming from Zayn, but that doesn't change the fact that it still happened.

   "Madison?" he calls again this time more strict.

   "What!?" I snap at him.

   "What's wrong?" he asks. He doesn't seem mad about me snapping at him.

   "Nothing," I mumble and walk around him to sit on the bed.

   "C'mon Toots, I'm not stupid," he says scooting beside me.

   "Zayn," I sigh. "If you aren't stupid then you all ready know what's wrong."

   "I'm sorry," is all he says and we fall into an awkward silence.

   I look into Zayn's eyes, the cold hard ones I've grown to hate. But behind all that coldness is what seems to be adoration. His facial features are pulled together in a sad frown as he stares back into my eyes. He is looking at me as if he could read my mind and feel what I'm feeling.

   "Maddi," he whispers. "Let's talk." I hesitantly nod my head in agreement and divert my eyes to his red comforter.

   "Why did both you and Reid say I was practically in danger?" I mumble.

   "You know Ross? The guy at the restaurant I took you to?" he asks and I nod. "Well I took you there to scare him, you know to stop drugging girls and taking them."

   "He has a house like the one you took me too?" I interrupt him.

   "Yeah, but it's ten times bigger and worse."

   "Why?" I whisper.

   "Because he is a sick-"

   "No, not that. Why are you stopping them? Isn't this the type of business gangs do?" I ask.

   "Obviously not all gangs. Sure we do illegal things and all, but we still have morals. I would never take someone away from their life and sell their body."

   "Oh," is all I could muster up and say.

   "Anyways I took you to that dinner, to scare him. He knows I don't put up with that shit. So I had to make it seem like you were my girl and all," I scoff at that. "And his little follower drugged you."

   "So if he thought you were onto him then he would be too scared to continue?" I ask, kind of understanding him.

   "Exactly," he nods. "But you being you, and never listening intrigued him. Plus the fact that Reid knew you and us fighting over you only made him want you more."

   "I still don't understand. How is Reid even involved in all this crap?" I lean back against wall with one of his pillows in my lap.

   "He is one of Ross's little followers," Zayn speaks with disgust evident in his tone and I look at him wide eyed.

   "That's not possible," I mutter. "I-if he was he wouldn't have warned me and Reid wouldn't do that to girls," I shake my head.

   "Babe hate to break it to ya, but not everyones what they seem." Zayn says.

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