Chapter 5: Banging

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    "So do you miss America?" Reid asks me. We are walking to get some coffee before going home.

    "Yes a ton, I can't wait to go back and visit. How about you? Do you miss Australia?"

   "Nope, I mean I miss it. I just don't miss any of the people I used to know." he shrugs.

   "Not even your family?" I ask.

   "I miss my mum but that's it, how about you? Do you miss your family?"

   "Nope," I answer. "So what are you studying to be?" I ask changing the subject. He smiles understandingly before answering.

   "A psychologist, I love learning about the human mind and I want to help people."

   "That's really cool." I say. "I could totally see you as a therapist"


    "Yep," I nod smiling. "You would be wearing some sweater vest, glasses, and chewing on the end of your pen as you listen to some girl cry about how her boyfriend of three years cheated on her."

    "Oh is that so?" he chuckles.

    "Yes," I laugh with him. He holds the door open for me as we enter the cafe. "Thanks."

   "No problem," he smirks. Reid is such a nice and funny guy. I could tell we are going to be great friends.

   "So I better get going." I tell him after we order and he payed for our coffee. "Thanks for the coffee, next time I'll pay."

   "Don't worry about, I like paying for your coffee." he says and I giggle a little.

   "I'll see you around," I wave to him, which he returns.


I walk into mine and Kayla's apartment completely exhausted. I am just glad I only work Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays and since it is Wednesday I could relax. I throw my jacket over the couch and plump down on it.

"Kayla?" I call loudly. She should be home by now, she didn't have very many classes today.

"Fuck!" I hear someone moan? What the hell?

"Kayla!?" I call again more louder. When she doesn't reply I stand up to look for her.

I stand at her door listening carefully to figure out what she is doing. All I hear is her breathing really loud, she is probably dancing. I shrug, knock quickly indicating I'm coming in, and open the door.

"What the hell!?" I screech closing my eyes right away. Liam and her are doing the naughty on her windowciel since it's like a little bench.

I slam the door shut cringing at the scene. Ew just fucking ew. She should have locked the damn door or gave me some kind of heads up. That's one sight I wish I never saw.

I go to my room, shutting the door behind me and lie down in my bed. This week has been absolutely hectic and exhausting. I need a really long and peaceful nap. I sit up to check the time which reads five fifty seven.

I decide I could take an hour or two long nap. I don't have plans or anyone to hang out with, since Kayla is in the next door screwing. Plus, I have to wake up extra early in the morning for work. So, I deserve a nice nap.


"Maddi, babe wake up," Kayla's loud voice awakes me.

"Let me sleep, I have a head ache and sleep blocks out that nasty image of you and Liam banging eachother in front of your window," I groan turning away from her, my eyes still closed.

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