"W-what?" I mumble. I examine him from head to toe. He looks like a complete disaster.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he glares, stepping towards me. I take a step back, my nose fills with the smell alcohol that's radiating off of him.

"What happened to you?" I ignore his question. He has bruises and small cuts all over.

"What happened to me?" he scoffs. "Ask your fucking boyfriend! I tried warning you, I tried helping you!"

"Reid, just calm down," I say in a soothing voice and step back once more.

"I don't want to calm down!" he shouts. He looks as if he could barley stand.

"Th-then just tell me what's wrong," I try to hide the fact that I'm scared shitless.

"Like you care," he laughs. "I'm like this because of you! Because you just can't take my fucking advice and shut your slutty mouth!"

"Look I really have to go," I turn around, but I am pulled back against his chest. His arm wraps around my waist, my back side against his front.

"Don't you lie," he whisper close to my face. His breath stinks.

"Please Reid," I beg. "I didn't do anything or tell anyone anything."

"Like I could believe you, and don't worry you'll get what's coming to you soon enough. I'm going to enjoy the look on your face very much when it happens."

"When what happens?" I ask my voice is low. He chuckles and runs his free hand from my cheek down my chest. When he touches my breast I freeze.

"Such a shame," he harshly gropes it causing pain to shoot through it.

"Reid," I begin crying.

"Shut up!" he yells directly in my ear before clawing his nails into my left breast through my bra and shirt.I let out a small squeal of pain.

"Stop," I try to break free from him.

Surprisingly, he lets me go and I trip over his foot. I wince as I land on my knees and hands. I turn around ready to get up and glare at him. He pushes me back down when I attempt to stand and squats down beside me. He roughly cups my chin and jaw making me open my mouth a little. His mouth comes down on mine biting down on my bottom lip. I try to push him off, but he is extremely strong for a man in his shape.

"Just to let you know, this stays between us. If not, next time will be ten times worse," he whispers just a few inches away from my face. He has yet to release my face from his grip. I nod wanting him to let me go. "Oh and might want a bandage for your hand."

He finally lets go of my face, but instead of leaving he grabs my hand. It's bleeding since I scraped it when I fell. I am sure my knees match it. I let out loud scream laced with pain when he digs his thumb into my palm. He drags it across my palm and I try my hardest to escape the pain he is inflicting. He finally stops and I let out a sob. He stands up smirking before walking away without another word.

I look down at my hand that is dripping blood. The scrape is now a gash and is sending pain through out my whole hand. I hastily stand up and run back towards campus. Half way there I stop and try to catch my breath. What the hell just happened? I didn't even tell anyone what Reid told me and Zayn isn't even my boyfriend.

I take my phone out to call Kayla. I am hoping she is with Liam and they will be able to pick me up. I control my crying as her phone rings. God she better pick up, if she doesn't I have no clue what I will do. I don't want to walk alone.

"Hello?" she answers and I hear talking in the background.

"Could you and Liam maybe come and pick me up?" my voice cracks. It's really hard for me to not just break down and sob.

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