Chapter 24: Barn Animals

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I walk into my room, Zayn right behind me. I glance over my room to make sure nothing embarrassing is exposed. I see my school bag and immediately remember I have homework. I internally groan before grabbing it and sitting it down on my bed. I sit down too and begin taking out my books and notebooks.

"What are you doing? I thought you had a head ache?" Zayn asks, sitting down on the chair across from me.

"I do," I answer, not looking at him.

"Why aren't you relaxing then?" he asks.

"I have to do my homework, I forgot about it and need to do it," I tell him.

"You don't you need to do it right now," he says coming over the bed.

He takes my books and everything that was on my bed and puts them on the floor. I look at him like he is insane and reach for them. He gently pushes me back and crawls on top of him. My breathing gets caught in my throat when he grinds against me.

"Zayn what are you doing?" I ask in a hushed voice, very aware of the people in the living room.

"Helping you relax," he replies and begins nibbling on my neck.

"Zayn," I say breathlessly. He hums in response and kisses further down due to the fact I'm wearing a tank top. His hands lift the hem of my tank top half way up my torso. "Everyone is just outside my room."

"Try not to be so loud then," he smirks against my skin.

I decide to let whatever is about to happen, happen. Giving into my lustful desires and moaning when he hits my sweet spot. He tugs at my shorts pulling them down as he aligns his shoulders with my thighs. Before I could ask what he is doing he pulls down my panties and connects his mouth with my most vulnerable spot. I let out a uncontrollable loud moan when he flicks his tongue.

"You like that?" he smirks again doing it again. 

"Oh god," I moan.

My eyes widen and I moan even louder when he sticks his tongue in my entrance. Soon his finger replaces his tongue as he moves it in out of me while sucking. I try to be quiet, knowing everyone could hear me, but it's like Zayn is doing amazing things just so they could hear us.

"You taste so damn good," he moans. I bite my bottom lip a I feel my high coming. Zayn slips in two more fingers and I let out the loudest moan yet. Zayn speeds up his movement and I clutch my sheets in pleasure.

"Zayn," I moan pulling at him. I don't want to come until he is about to too. I didn't want to do anything remotely intimate with Zayn again, but obviously Zayn's control over me is greater than my own.

He stops realizing what I want and comes back up. He kisses me passionately and my hands travel to his jeans, undoing them. I rub his manhood through his boxer briefs and he lets out a rough moan. He takes off his shirt before doing the same with mine. He unclapse my bra at the same time I pull down his underwear. He lines up with my entrance, rubbing up and down, teasingly.

"Zayn," I breathe.

"What do you want, Toots?" he smirks.

"You," I gasp in pleasure as he teasingly presses harder onto me.

"What about me?"

"I want you to fuck me," I tell him. I'm annoyed that he is making me answer all these question while I'm in this state.

He doesn't verbally reply instead he just pushes inside of me. He thrust into me, fast and hard. Just like I asked. I claw his back and bite my bottom lip, trying to be quiet. It's pretty pointless considering everyone probably already heard me, but I still do it. Zayn continues to thrust into me and soon we both reach our high.

"Whoa," Zayn says breathlessly as he collapses onto me. Both sweaty and breathing hard.

"Yeah," I nod, agreeing with him.

"Are you feeling better?" he asks and rolls off of me, smirking the entire time. I just roll my eyes and pull the throw blanket that rests at the bottom of my bed onto us. "I'm sorry," he says more seriously.

"What?" I ask him, confused.

"I'm sorry," he repeats.

"I know, but why?" I turn on my side to face him and he does the same.

"For what I said to you in the car when I was taking you home," he brings his hand to my face and caresses it with his thumb.

"It's fine," I assure him. "You were right." I pull away from him and sit up to begin getting dress. He sighs and goes to gets dress too.

When we are both fully dressed, I fix my hear and spray some perfume. We then walk out to the living room and when everyone notices us they become quiet. Harry, Niall, and Louis are smirking at us. Liam is laughs at something Kayla whispers in his ear, Becca looks slightly mortified, and Eleanor and Hazel are giggling to themselves.

"Now who sounds like a barn full of animals?" Harry asks, causing everyone to laugh except Zayn and me.

"What do you want Toots?" Louis asks, trying to mimic Zayn's accent.

"You!" Harry says in a squeaky voice.

"What about me?" Louis says trying not to laugh. I look down completely petrified.

"I want you to-" Harry begins to mock me, but is interrupted by Zayn.

"Shut the fuck up, both of you," Zayn glares at them and I'm thankful that he told them to shut up. They laugh, along with everyone else, but the girls all immediately stop when Zayn shoots daggers at everyone with his eyes. The boys all seem unphased, but they do tame their laughter.

"I'm going to the bathroom," I mumble. I can't believe I slept with Zayn.


Also, it's really embarrassing and annoying that I couldn't control myself and everyone heard. Whenever I'm with Zayn I just melt away. I loose all my common sense and rationality when it comes to him. I just made myself throw up for him. I don't know what it is about him that affects me so much, but I hate it. I really really hate it.

"Hey," Zayn whispers behind me just as I reach the bathroom door.

"Hi," I dryly reply.

"They're dicks, don't listen to them," Zayn tries to comfort me.

"Its fine, we were pretty loud."

"You mean you were pretty loud," he smirks.

"Yep," I nod looking him up down. "Can't seem to find why I slept with you again."

Zayn chuckles and leans against the wall, "Please, you know you could not wait to jump my bones again." I laugh too but slowly stop.

"Zayn, I can't do this anymore." I tell him with a deep sigh.

"Do what?" he asks.

"This, everything," I sigh and move my hands all over the place. "It's all too much for me. You promised you would be nicer and all and in a way you have, but then again you haven't. Also when Reid attacked me, it really freaked me out. My emotions are literally all over the place Zayn." Zayn looks at me a bit taken back over what I just said.

"Where did that even come from?" he asks, dumbfounded.

"I don't," I sigh, "Just forget it."

"No, I just- I'm sorry," he apologizes. "I guess this has all been hard on you. I should have thoughts about it more."

"Lets just forget about it?" I suggest. "This isn't the right time to talk about this." He doesn't say anything except nod and I walk into the bathroom, leaving him alone.


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