Chapter 27: Out of shape

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I hum to myself as I walk down the hallway to class. I'm very happy and just excited to see Zayn. I never thought I would ever be excited to see him. But now  here I am, happily walking to my last class of the day. I'm still a hesitant when it comes to Zayn, but I've decided not to stress about anything today.

I walk into psychology with my head held high and a small smile on my face. I sit down in the front of the class, instead of the middle like I usually sit. I begin taking out my laptop and the books and utensils I need for the class out. When I'm all set for class I take out my phone which vibrated prior to coming to class.

From Zayn: I'll pick you up after class.

To Zayn: What if I already have a ride?

I quickly send Zayn the text before looking up to be greeted by a brunette beauty. "Hey!"

"Oh, hey," I chuckle a little.

"I'm Lia," she says.

"I'm Maddi," I reply. "I haven't seen you before? Are you new?"

"To this class, but I've been going to school here for a while." She is really pretty and I feel really insecure just sitting beside her.

"Oh well this class is really interesting, I'm sure you'll like it," I tell her and my phone vibrates.

"I hope so," she says. I smile at her before checking my phone.

From Zayn: Then tell whoever it is you don't need a ride. I'll be out front of the main campus.

I roll my eyes at how demanding his text was and put my phone away. Moments later Professor Hodgins walks in and begins teaching us about how the part of a human brain that controls emotions works.


"Hey!" someone calls as I'm walking out of class. I turn around to see Lia.

"Hey," I reply.

"My friend is throwing a party and it's kind of my job to get people to go," she laughs and hands me a small piece of paper on it. "It's at eight and thats the adress. It'd be cool if you came."

"Sure why not?" I agree. I could use  break from my actual life  "I'll be there."

"Yay," the squeals. " It's more of a a small get together then a huge raging party. It will be fun! See you there!"

I laugh and continue to walk down the now empty hall. I'm a bit anxious to see Zayn and I hope he is still being nice. I don't want rude, possessive Zayn back. I had good time with him a couple of nights ago. I hope the feeling continues.

When I turn the corner someone grabs me, pulling against the wall. I let out a scream only for it to be muffled by someone's hand. I open my eyes slowly after realizing I closed them out of fear. And when I see who it I wish I never opened them.

"Hello, Maddi," his breath fans my face. "Long time, no see." I try to push him off but he doesn't budge. His whole body is touching mine. "That's my fault though, I had to come up with the perfect plan for you. I needed time to do that."

"Help!" I try to scream, but it's useless because of his hand.

"Now don't get too excited," he sadistically laughs. "I wouldn't dare take you when Mr. Loverboy is waiting for you. I just want you to know that I'm mad, furious. I told you not to tell and you did and for that you'll be punished. You think you can just ignore my commands? I warned you." He kisses my neck before stepping back, letting go of me.

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