Chapter 62: Goodbyes.

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    This isn't a long chapter, and this is the last chapter of Into The Darkness. But don't worry. If you guys want it, I'll do a sequel and continue this story.
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    I knock on Zayn's door. It's been a week since I got out of the hospital and seen Zayn. I'm moving back to the States and I need get the things I've left at Zayn's apartment. I'm so scared to see him again. This past week I've been convincing myself that I hate Zayn. What he did to me is terrible and I'll never be able to forgive him. I'm just hoping that when I see him, I'll still be able to believe that.

    When the door opens Zayn looks shocked and I know I am. His beard is fuller and longer and he is in sweats and  t-shirt. I honestly thought he'd be dressed for work by now if not gone.

   "Toots," he says and I have to take a deep breath in.

   "I'm just here to pick up my things," I tell him, my voice quiet.

   He nods and steps out of the way to let me in. His apartment beings back all kinds of memories, all of which I don't want to remember. I quickly make my way to his bedroom and grab my clothes in one of his draw. Zayn didn't follow me in here and I don't know if I'm relieved or dissapointed. I then go get my things from the bathroom before going back in the living room where Zayn is waiting for me.

   "I'm so sorry Madison," he tells me.

   "Me too," I nod. This is a million times worse than I thought. He doesn't say anything and that's when I decide to tell him. "I'm leaving."

   "What?" He asks.

   "I'm going back to the States," I tell him. "I can't stay here."

   "How are we suppose to work this out if you're going back to Colorado?"

   "Zayn," I sniff, he looks heart broken. And you'd think his pain would make me feel better after all that he did to me but it doesn't. It makes me feel worse. "Even if I was staying you're going to New York."

    "I was going to stay for you," he says.

   "You just don't get it, do you?" I ask him. "What you did to me. What you put me through, I'm not just gonna forget about it and go back to you."

   "I know that!" He shouts, tears in his eyes. "I won't ever forgive myself for what I did to you, let alone expect you to! But I love you Madison. I know we can get through this."

   "I'm sorry Zayn, I need to go. I need to focus on myself and get help. And you need to go to New York and build the empire you always wanted. Maybe we weren't made for eachother-"

    "Bullshit," he cuts me off. "We are made for eachother."

   "Zayn," the tears finally escape my eyes. "Fine, but it clearly isn't our time. Maybe in the future everything will work our perfectly for us, but not now."

   "Not ever!" He screams. "If you move away from me nothing will ever work out! I'll give you space. I won't talk to you and go around you. But you can't leave. Do you realize how far away Colorado is from New York?"

    "Zayn I can't stay here!" I finally break. "Don't you understand? Everything here ruined me. All the people I've met, my job! They all were set up as part of a plan to ruin me. I just can't live in a place that reminds me of the worse experience of my life. Not being kidnapped or beaten or whatever else happened to me Zayn. But its all a reminder of falling in love and having my heart just torn apart. And as much I wish I could hate you and never want to be near you again I can't.  I can never hate you Zayn. I will always love you, and being away from you is killing me. But I can't, I just can't go back go again after all that has happened. I need to heal and learn to love myself first. And maybe after I find myself and get back on my feet we can meet and try again. But I have to go."

    "Okay," Zayn says, a few tears falling down his cheeks. "I'm sorry, you're right."

   "If it's any help, I'm going to Chicago, not back to Colorado."

   "What?" He looks surprised.

   "They have a great business school there," I tell him.

   "I'm opening an office there," he says. "Don't worry, I'll still go to New York and give you your space."

   "Whose gonna be there then?" I ask, both of us have stopped crying.

   "Harry," he tells me. "If you need a job-"

   "Thank you," I cut him off. "But I think we burned that bridge."

   "Right," he nods.

   "I should go," I tell him. "My mom's waiting at my apartment." I turn to leave.

   "Wait," he calls and I turn to face him and he takes a step towards me.

    He grabs my free hand leans in to kiss my forehead. I close my eyes and breath in sharply. I'm going to miss him so much. I lean into his body and we stay there for a few seconds before a pulls his lips from my forehead and looks at me with hope and sadness in his eyes.

    "Our story isn't over yet, Toots."

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