Chapter 51: Mornings

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2016 is so going to be Zayn's year.
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I pull my sweater closer to me as the cold air blows around me. I stare blankly at the white ground in front of me. I can't stop thinking about my family, wishing how everything could have been different. Maybe if I actually had parents who cared and loved me than I wouldn't be the complete screw up I am. I wouldn't have needed to throw up just to feel good about myslef.

I shake the thoughts from my head and continue walking down the street. I want to go say goodbye to Brody before Zayn and I go back to London. I'm hoping the sky clears up and we don't have to wait any longer. I was planning on staying until Monday, but I'm not really feeling it anymore. Plus I don't have the money to stay in a hotel until then and I'd hate having to ask Zayn.

I stomp my feet to shake off the snow gathered on them. I push open the door to one of many offices my dad owns. He has them set up across America. This one is where Brody works while he goes to college. My dad is a workaholic so even though Thanksgiving was yesterday he still requires his workers to work half day today. I think its completely stupid. My dad owns one if the biggest insurance companies in the states and cant afford any time wastedm

The bell on the door rings as it swings open and I'm ungulfed in the warm air as I step in. I take a little breathe in contentment, happy to not be in the complete cold. The Secretary at the desk looks up and smiles at me. Her name is Margret and she has worked here for years. She is really nice and I always loved talking to her.

"Madison," she smiles at me.

"Hello Margret," I smile back. "Is Brody here yet?"

"He isn't, but he should be soon. You could go wait in his office space if you'd like," she tells me.

"Thank you," I smile brightly at her and walk to the door behind her desk area.

My phone vibrates as I'm walking and I pull it out and answer.

"Hello?" I say.

"Toots," he breathes and I smile a little at the sound of his voice. Zayn and I still have a lot to talk about but I still absolutely adore him. I want us to work out. I decided to not keep him out and I hope he does the same with me.

This morning when I woke up I felt like absolute crap. But Zayn made me feel a million times better and I'm done with being in such a depressed state. For now on I'll be happy go lucky, just like I was planning on doing before this trip.

"Hey," I practically repeat myself and he laughs.

"So I was looking at the flights and they are still all cancelled," he tells me.

"Really?" I frown slightly and turn the corner and almost bump into someone. I open my mouth to apologize but stop myself when I realize who it is.

"Yeah, I know. Its bull-"

"Luke," I say, cutting off Zayn. Luke looks me up and down before smirking.

"Madison," I hear Zayn say over the phone. I don't reply though, I can't. I'm frozen in my spot, completely shocked and confused.

"Mads," he called me by the nickname he had for me. I take in a sharp breath. A lot of memories are associated with that nickname. "It's been so long."

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