Chapter 29: Positive

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Zayn's POV

I glare at Joe as he continues to eat. "This isn't helping."

"Look," he finishes chewing his food. "There is nothing we can do. Everything is getting set up, you'll have to continue protecting her for about another month, possibly two. Then when we have all the information we need, you will let Ross take her. If this goes as plan she won't be there for more than a day."

"Look, as screwed up and impossible as it sounds, I don't like the sad look she has her face lately. And I certainly don't want it to drag out any longer."

"I'm sorry, we have to collect more information and evidence. If you want a clean slate after this you'll be patient, Zayn." Joe tells me and I groan. I guess I'll just have to wait all this out.

Madison's POV

I stare at Harry in amazement as he rubs Becca's stomach soothingly. She has been complaining about cramps so Harry thought he would try to help soothe her pain. I'm quite surprised by his actions considering he is Harry Styles. One of the most haughty asshole I've ever met.

"How far along are you?" I ask Becca.

"Three months and a half," she smiles at me.

"Oh cool," I state. "Any names?" I ask even though I know she doesn't even know the sex. I'm just bored and don't really know what else to say.

She laughs before answering, "No, I won't probably have one until I'm about to pop."

I scrunch my face up, "Whoa," I hold my stomach.

"Are you okay?" Harry asks me. The pain passes and I nod with a smile. "You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure it's just something I ate," which would be nothing.

"That's the third time you've done that," Becca frowns at me.

"I said it I was fine," I tell her, harshly and immediately regret it. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude."

"It's okay," she assures me with a small smile. I smile back at her before attending to my phone that buzzed.

From Kayla: Liam is holding a dinner thing at his house. You coming?

"Hey, are you guys going to Liam's tonight?" I ask the two of them.

"Yeah, I'm sure everyone is going. Are you?" Harry replies and I shrug in response.

To Kayla: Not really feeling well. How long do you think I'll have to stay?

I put my phone down and put my attention on Harry and Becca again. The way they are sitting you'd think they are dating. Becca is leaning against him and his arm is wrapped around her, messaging her stomach. They would be a really cute couple now that I think about it.

My phone buzzes again, but I ignore it and stand up when I get another sharp pain in my abdomen. I turn away from Harry and Becca and hold onto my stomach. I silently hiss in pain before making my way to the kitchen. I grab a packet of crackers and grab one.

After eating a few the pain fades. When I realize the pain is from the lack of food I've consumed, I decide to make some toast. I stick two pieces of bread in the toaster and lean against the counter to wait. The pain I'm receiving gets stronger and more unbearable each time. And each time it's harder to hide. I don't want to worry anyone when it's nothing serious.

My toast pops up and I let it cool for a minute before grabbing it. I tear off the crust and quickly eat the middle, before walking back into the living room. I smile at Becca and Harry and sit back down. I grab my phone and read the text I received.

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