92. Thinking Out Loud

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Elizabeth’s POV

I turn around to face Harry and he is smiling shyly at me and soft music starts to play in the background.

“Dance with me?” Harry asked, holding one of his hands out to me while the other was behind his back. I smiled hiding my smile with both of my hands. Cheeky bastard, he had ask me a few days before I left what would be the best thing that he could ever give me that wasn’t materialistic. I am happy, but in a way I feel completely idiotic for forgetting my own birthday.

“GO! Sophia smiled, giving me a little push.

 I smiled up at him and grabbed his hand. Harry locked our fingers together while he walked us to the middle of the dance floor. He released my hand and placed his hands on my shoulders turning me around to face a wall with a thin white sheet stabled onto it.

“Go ahead, Zayn” Harry said and a count down from three to one projected onto the sheet and then a video started to play.

I smiled, it was all of the pictures and small videos we have took together since we have started dating. From the time that we went on our first date to the time he took me swimming at the lake and I started to freak out because I didn’t like the thought of being in deep water.

Harry squeezed my hand to pull my attention away from the video display and back onto him. He placed one of his hands on my waist while he gently ran his other hand down my arm to my hand lifting it up in the air and gently placed his fingers in between mine.

Harry pulled me closer to him and started to sway us back and forth. I kept looking down at our feet trying to hide my blushing face but also trying my best not to step on him.

I glanced over at our friends and they were all standing there either watching us or watching the video.  It was now that I realize that this was the reason why the boys barged in on our morning. Also, thinking about it now, the two of us dancing here makes me realize that I was a fool to leave him before. I will never let that go.

“Ouch!” Harry said and I look up at him and he was smiling at me laughing.

“Don’t do that!” I scold him with a stupid grin on my face slapping him on his chest with the hand that was placed on his shoulder. Harry just shook his head and laughed.

I gasped when I was unexpectedly lifted off the floor and spun around. I squealed wrapping my arms around Harry’s neck and he chuckled kissing my temple setting me back down on my feet.

“Ouch!” I hear Louis yell from across the room both Harry and I turn are heads to look at him. He was rubbing his right shoulder with his hand.

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