85. Equipment Problems

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Author's Note

Hello loves! Before i begin i have to say that i am so sorry that this chapter may be short. I will amdit it may not be my best, so if it sucks i am truly sorry. Howver, i would still like for you to enjoy. Love you all!xxxx

Elizabeth's POV

Louis was checking into the hotel for us, at the reception desk,  as we all stood looking around the lobby. The lobby of the hotel looked more like a living room for a cabin and that made me smile. I'd rather stay at a comfortable hotel than a high class one. The lobby has brown leather seats with red rugs underneath them. The floor was made out of dark wood.

"Okay guys, I got our room keys" Louis said taking me out of my thoughts. I smiled at him as he handed Eleanor the key to our room.

"Yay, we are roomies!" Perrie squealed, happily wrapping her arms around Eleanor, Sophia, and me.

Harry and I were waiting for the elevator so we could go down to the lobby to join the rest of the lads.  Everyone else has gone down to figure out our whole skiing situation because we had no idea where exactly we had to go.

The elevator door pings and Harry signals me with his arm to go in first. I step inside and he follows, the doors close and Harry reaches over to press the silver button that leads to the lobby.  The elevator starts to move and the only thing that could be heard in this tiny space was the annoying elevator music that is always playing on a loop.  I glance up at Harry and he has a trace of a small smile on his lips and I quickly look away.

“So how was your sleep?” he asked turning his head to look down at me and grinned. I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up, Harry” I said, letting out a small laugh.

The elevator comes to a stop, a few seconds later the doors slide open and I step out.

“What, I’m just asking. My shoulder wasn’t comfortable for you?” He asked walking beside me. I didn’t turn to look at him; I kept my eyes on our friends who were standing by the entrance of the hotel waiting for us.

“I mean it should have been because you were drooling” he teased.

“Harry!” I said giving him a small push and he laughed.

When it snows everything seems so clean and perfect. However, I could live without the chilling breeze but besides that I have nothing to complain about.

“Come on slow pock!” Louis said standing by the snowboard stand. Everyone else was already strapped in their helmets and gear.  

“I’m coming Louis!” I whined struggling to put on my thick jacket that the instructor handed to me. I finally managed to shrug on the thick jacket now the only thing left was my helmet. I placed my helmet on my head and tried to clasp the strap that goes under my chin.

“Here, let me help you” Harry said walking over to setting his skis down. He gently took hold on my chin, tilting my head up so he could get a better look. He reached both ends of the strap and clasped them together. I couldn’t help but stare into his eyes as he did. He smiled down at me and noticed that I was looking at him.  

“Thanks” I mumbled and quickly looked away.

“No problem” Harry said happily and picked up his stuff off the ground.

“Romeo and Juliet, hurry up!” Louis said heading to the ski lift. Harry rolled his eyes causing me to giggle. He smiled at me as we both walked up the hill and climbed in one of the seats of the ski lift.

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