8. Complete Darkness

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Elizabeth’s POV

I look behind me and saw none of my friends there. I pointed my flashlight in several directions as I walked several steps forward. They sky above me was absolutely dark you couldn't even see the stars with the thick coat of rainclouds covering them. Hopefully, if it rains on me it won’t be too bad.

“Guys?” I call out quietly, cautious to not make that much noise. I bit my lip, getting no reply, starting to feel nervous and kept walking forward trying to find my way back to the camp site.

How could my friends just leave me here? Have they noticed that I am missing? Are they even looking for me? Don’t get me wrong I love them all to death but in situations like these they are not the best people to run to.

I kept glancing back and forth turning every once and a while to see if anything would pop out or if anything looked familiar from our hiking trip from earlier. My flashlight kept on flickering on and off a sign indicating that something was wrong. I hit the side of the flashlight with the palm of my other hand trying to see if it would help but had no luck. The battery gave out making the  flashlight turn off completely.

“Great, can things get any worse?” I groaned throwing my head back looking up into the sky. As soon as I said that several drops of rain feel onto my face before more started to fall.

“Obviously it can.” I sulk with a huge sigh.

I tried to make my way through all of the trees trying to feel my way around trying to adjust my eyes to the darkness. I heard a huge growl behind me making me stop in my tracks.

Great this is how I’m going to die. I am going to die in a middle of the woods. I slowly turn around to see what was growling at me.

When I turned around I couldn’t really tell what it was. It was standing behind some trees and branches that were scattered on the ground; it looked like it was eating something but I couldn’t really tell. Whatever it was its back was towards me. I pushed my wet hair away from my face trying to clear my vision. All I saw was a huge shadow, it looked human but it was too big to be a human. Not even a tall male could have that huge of a shadow.

Clearly it was not growling at me, it hasn’t acknowledged my presence yet maybe I could still get away. I took in a deep breathe trying to calm myself, it won’t help the situation if I’m freaking out and gasping for air. I kept my eyes on the thing that was in front of me as I slowly started to back away. I felt my foot step on a stick hearing it break my eyes widened and immediately stopped walking.

I glanced back at the thing in front of me, it stopped eating jerking it’s head up moving his head slowly from side to side trying to figure out where the noise that I had made came from. 

I slowly started to back away again still keeping my eyes locked on it. As I moved back I felt there was a branch behind me planning to step over it. I placed one of my feet on it to cross my other foot to the other side but the foot that was already on the branch slipped causing me to fall backwards breaking a few other twigs and leaves. I couldn’t help but groan when I feel onto the muddy ground due to the stinging coming from my hands from where I tried to catch myself. I snap my eyes up back at the creature seeing it through the pieces of my wet hair that were stuck onto my face. It quickly turned its head to me letting out an ear piercing growl, sounding more like a screeching dinosaur roar that you would hear in movies. My eyes widened and I felt my instinct kicking in. I screamed quickly getting up and ran as fast as I could.

I ran through the sticky muddy woods as fast as my legs would allow still holding my broken flashlight in my hand. I tried not to fall onto the ground from where my shoes would sink into the mud. I knew it was right  behind me because I could hear leaves and branches breaking. I glanced back to see if it was coming then all of a sudden I felt the ground underneath my feet disappear. I screamed and before I had time to react I started to roll down a hill.

As I rolled I felt  my shirt get caught on several leaves as I feeling a few twigs and rocks cutting into my skin.

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