64. Turn for the Worst

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Harry’s POV

“What is your problem? Let me go!” I yelled as Mr. Parker pushing me out of the door holding onto my arm.

“I want you little piece of trash out of my house!” he yelled back letting me go.

 I turned around and face him raising a finger at him. “I respect you. I think you should at least do the same!” I said putting my arm down.

“You have no right, let alone the age to come and confront me. You are stupid to think that you can just come to my house and tell me what to do!” Mr. Parker scowled at me.

“Richard, please calm down” Mrs. Parker pleaded stepping out of the house. Bless her for taking my side.

“Look Sir, I don’t mean any disrespect. I love her and she loves me!”

“You?” He scoffed. “Come on kid”

Elizabeth’s POV

Niall and I ran down the side walk and onto my parent’s yard. Harry and my parents were standing on the front porch steps arguing. It looked quite headed.

“I just came here to tell you that you should forgive your daughter. You should stop fighting with her and keeping us apart. It’s only going to make her suffer more!” Harry yelled.

“No kid like you is going to tell me what to do with my daughter” My father yelled at Harry.

“Stop!” I yelled running up to them and grabbed Harry’s arm.

“I know what is best for her” My father added.

“Clearly!” Harry scoffed.

“Harry stop please!” I begged trying to push him back.

“Please calm down” Niall said pushing Harry back and I kept my hold on his arm. I stood in front of him to keep him apart from my dad but Harry held me by his side instead.

“Richard, please just listen to what he is telling you!” My mom said pleading him.

“Dad please stop” I said my voice breaking starting to get anxious.

“Get out of here before I call the police!” My dad yelled ignoring my mother’s plea. “Including you Elizabeth”

“RICHARD!” My mom scowled at him then looked at me. My stomach dropped and I blinked several times trying to push my tears away. I turned my head and looked at Niall he was looking at me with apologetic eyes then turned to look at my dad with a scowl.

“Sir, this is unfair and you know it. Harry just came to tell you to forgive your daughter not to push her away. Do you seriously want to lose her?” Niall asked. Harry wrapped his arms around me grabbing my hands.

“Dad, please stop this is ridiculous!” I yelled at him.

My dad looked at me impassively. “As long as you’re with him, I don’t care.”

That’s it, I can’t stand to be here any second longer. I release Harry’s hands and pushed onto his chest releasing his grip on me and ran away.

“No Ellie wait!” Niall yelled as I ran across the yard. 

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