58. Romeo and Juliet

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Author's Note

Hi guys! before i let you read along i must say that i am getting really emotional with everything that is going on with the story and trust me things will be happening. 

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Elizabeth’s POV

“Look Elizabeth, I have nothing against him personally, I just don’t like him for you” My dad said standing at the end of my bed with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“But Why?” I sobbed sitting next to my mom leaning back against the headboard with her arm around me.

“Because he has no boundaries or limitations!” he said dropping his arms to his sides.  We were just kissing, how he can be upset over that. Unless, my dad is upset about Harry spending his free time boxing at the local gym? Either way it still isn’t fair, he is judging a book my cover!

“Dad, we love each other” I said raising my hand palm up and my dad sighed. “There is nothing that you can do that will stop that”  I added shaking my head.

“You can adore him all you want but I don’t want him in my house” he said locking his eyes with mine showing that he is serious.  I feel like I am a little kid again, as if I just got caught sticking my hand into the cookie jar. “Let’s see how long his love for you lasts when he can’t be kissing you all the time”

I looked at my dad biting my lip as a few tears started to fall down to my cheeks. I opened my mouth to say something but there was some noise coming from my window.




I turned my head away from my window and looked at my mom and she gave me a small look of sympathy before we both turned to look at me dad walk around my bed to the window. He quickly unlocked the window and pushed open one of the small glass doors.

“Evening sir” There was a pause. I saw my dad’s body tense.

 I could recognize his voice anywhere. As happy as I am to hear Harry’s voice I wish he wasn’t here right now. Deep down I wanted to smile because I knew that he was expecting me to answer so he could sneak in.

“The moon is so lovely tonight, don’t you agree?” Harry said trying to make a joke and I brought my hand to my mouth trying to hide my smile. My dad shut the window and turned to look at me and my mom.

“I have had it, this has crossed the line” he said waving his arm in an angry gesture and quickly walked out of my room. I literally felt my heart drop to the bottom of my stomach and more tears started to fall down my cheeks.

My eyes widened. “No wait dad!” I yelled quickly climbing off of the bed.” No dad, please. Dad, seriously!” I yelled quickly running out of my room after him.

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