35. Football field Drama

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Auhor's Note

Hello loves!! Here is another chapter for all of you just because i am feeling generous and i don't want to leave you all with killing anticipation. Please leave you comment below and give me your take on this because things will start to get intense from here on out. So prepare yourself for an emotonal rollercoaster from now on.

Love ya!! XX

Liam's POV

"Where the hell is she?" Harry said pacing back and forth in front of us. I sighed.

"Harry, it'll be okay. Eleanor texted me that they were looking for her as well just in case she is still inside th school" Louis says soothingly trying to calm Harry down. My phone started to ring and I quickly pulled out my phone and answered.

"Liam we found her she's at the field. Hurry!" Sophia said and quickly hanged up.

"The girls found her she's at the field" I said, as soon as my words ran out my mouth Harry quickly turned and ran in the direction of the football field.

Elizabeth's POV

I clearly knew it wasn't Emily or Chloe who was walking towards me as I could see his silhouette more as he stepped closer to the light. I was about to take a step back and turn around to run away but he quickly grabbed me by the neck and threw me onto the ground. Mud stuck to my arms and onto the front of my dress. I groaned and placed my hand over my throat feeling as if it was burning. I turned to look back at him and he had an arrogant looking smirk on his face. His eyes were some sort of grey and his hair was dark as the sky above us.

"I'm so sorry love, but I am only following orders" he says walking back towards me. His smile grew to the point where he was showing his teeth and his grey eyes turned colder by the second. He lifted his hand and back handed me across the face and I yelped. The stinging sensation started to spread over my cheek. I knew that it was going to bruise by the pain I felt when I gently placed my hand on it. Great, just what I needed. If I wasn't that ugly before this bruise will add to it.

I felt tears rush to my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. I started to drag myself farther away from him using my arm and feet still holding onto my cheek. I felt him press his foot against my hip pushing me down so I would face him and I groaned falling back down. He leaned down and I looked up at him my lip quivering.

"Seriously beautiful, it's nothing personal." He said shaking his head at me. "It's just there are consequences to every choice and Harry made his choice so this is the consequence" What? What does Harry have to do with any of this? He stood up straight and turned his gaze away from me for a few seconds and I kicked him in the groin and he groaned. I quickly stood up and ran as fast as I could but my heels kept on slipping on the wet grass.

"Where the hell do you think you are going?" He growled at me grabbing me turning me around to face him. I screamed his eyes were red with black and his teeth looked more like shark teeth. I felt the tears quickly rushed down my cheeks.

"Let me go!" I screamed pushing onto his chest as he just pulled me closer but my heels cause me to slip back onto the ground. "Get away from me!" I sobbed trying to push his hands away from me. There was a very loud growl that felt like the ground beneath me shook and I closed my eyes. I felt the guys weight lift off of me and I gasped opening my eyes. I saw Harry on top of him pounding fiercely into his face.

"Get away from her!" he yelled at the top of his lungs and I sat up shaking. The guy pushed Harry off causing him to roll over onto the ground. Harry looked back at me to make sure that I was okay and quickly got back up and stood a few feet in front of the guy.

"Long time no see, mate" the guy said hiding his teeth away but his eyes still looked the same. I stayed there on the ground frozen not able to move.

"I'm not your mate" Harry spat at him clenching his jaw. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

He laughed. "You know me I just follow orders" Harry shook his head.

"Dominic and I had a deal, he has no reason to send you" Harry said moving over to stand in front of me.

"You know that I am that gets sent to do his dirty work for him. You made your choice Harry, but that does not mean that he likes it"

"I made my choice that was our agreement."

The guy looked at me then back at Harry. I slowly stood up hugging myself. "You are so valuable Harry; you are capable of so many things. Why would you want to leave?"

I looked at Harry and his chest kept on rising up and down with his heavy breathing, clearly he was in rage. "I am not a monster like you" he murmured, a rasp in his voice, shaking his head.

"I beg to differ. Look at you Harry" He said giving out a small laugh motioning a hand towards Harry's body. "You are barely holding on to your temper"

"I need you to leave, or I will kill you" Harry says seriousness evident in his voice. I have never heard Harry's voice so laced in venom.

The guy laughed."Not until I kill her first" he says smiling at me causing my skin to crawl. Harry lunged at him as soon as he made a jump at me.

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