42. I'll be the One

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Author's Note

Hi everybody. Okay, i literally rewrote this about five times trying to get it right. I tried my best for it to go along with the song. I must say that i did try hard not to shed tears because as i was writing i was listening to the song and i jus got wrapped up in it. I hope you all enjoy it and i love you all. 


 Elizabeth’s POV

I stand there frozen in place tears rushing down my cheeks. I turn and grab the necklace off of the bedside table and quickly storm down the stairs after him. When I reach the bottom of the stairs he has already walked out the front door not bothering to close it behind him. I ignore Eleanor and Louis’s stares as I walk by and walk out the open door  into the pouring rain.

“Harry, why are you doing this?” I yell at him as I walk down the porch steps and onto the lawn, more tears flowed down my cheeks.  Harry walks over to the side of his car his back facing me digging out his keys from his jacket pocket.  I can feel my hair starting to get wet and my shirt starting to stick to my skin. The cold breeze made me shiver but I tried my best to hide it.

“Elizabeth, stop being childish and go back inside or you’ll get sick” he says not bothering to look at me pulling out his keys and unlocks the door. Harry opens his car door and I angrily wipe my tears with the back of my sleeve and throw my necklace at him hitting him in the shoulder. I hear Harry take in a sharp breath, annoyed but he doesn’t make a move to climb into his car.

“Why did you come back here and explain things to me then walk out on me! Why are you telling me that you can’t be with me? Why do you have to make things so complicated? “I yell at him.

 Harry turns and looks over at me with a cold stare, his eyes a greyish blue. I swallow, trying to calm my breathing and he stomps over to me, scowling.

“I am trying to keep you safe!” He shouts angrily at me, grabbing me by my upper arms, shaking me. His hair was starting to stick onto his forehead. Small raindrops start to fall down the side of his cheeks, his nose and lips turning red from the cold.

“Just forget about me! Do you like getting hurt?”  Harry asks me with exasperation raising his eyebrows at me.

“No, I don’t Harry! But I don’t care what happened. I want to be with you, don’t you understand?” I say quietly to him and he looks at me, his eyes widening with every word I said. “You told me that I could make my own choice and I am choosing you. I love you”

Harry shakes his head at me and releases my arms.  Oh no.

“You can’t love me Elizabeth. You can’t it’s not in my nature, this isn’t supposed to happen. This can’t happen!”  Harry takes a couple of steps back, away from me. No, please no. Don’t pull away, come closer.

 I shake my head at him breathing out a shaky breathe through my nose and eyed him before I spoke.

“It’s not supposed to happen?” I paused. “ Or you won’t let it happen?” I ask my lip quivering and he stays quiet.  I waited, but he still saidnothing. Damn, why do I always have to be right? Why can’t I be wrong just for this moment?

“Harry please” I beg him. I honestly don’t care if I’m begging right now; I want to be with him. He runs his hands through his wet hair and looks away from me.

“I can’t Elizabeth” he says and I feel my heart breaks into millions of pieces, again. No, not again; it’s much worse....much… much worse.

 I take in a breath trying to find my equilibrium and reach over, bravely, and grab his face between my small hands.

“Yesterday night at the formal, you told me that you loved me” I said my voice coming out breathless. He looks at me and he had tears in his eyes.  The sight made my heart hurt even more. Ugh! Why did this day have to happen? All I want is for us to be okay. I want everything to be the same as it was before, but it won’t be. It will never be the same.

Harry purses his lips into a line and blinks his tears away. “I know” he whispers.

“Then look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t love me now” I tell him and he looks at me then moves his gaze to the ground. He looks back at me and presses his lips against mine. He moves his hands to my waist and wraps his arms around me pulling me closer. I moved my arms around his neck tugging at his hair. His lips moved hungrily against mine. After, what seems like a long time to me, he gently pulls away leans his forehead against mine.

“Harry I know you want someone. I’ll be that someone, but only if you let me” I whisper and he gives me a small nod.

“I love you” he says and kisses me again sweetly and just like that all of the agonizing pain that was inside me suddenly disappears. 

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