86. Snow Trouble

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Author's Note

Hey evrybody! Warning, this chapter is going to be one of the longest chapters that i have ever written so far. Hopefully, none of you won't find it annoying. The reason why it's so long is because i wasn't sure how to break if off and i needed you guys to know some information as well. Please stay in touch beacuse what happens next will leave you on your toes. Xxxxx

Elizabeth’s POV

The sun was starting to go down on this beautiful day, making me feel a bit sad. However, there is always tomorrow. We were all ridding the ski lift back up so we could go back to the hotel and get warm. I tried to distract myself looking at the landscape around us because I am not a huge fan of heights.

“You okay?” Harry asked concerned. I turned to look at him; his cheeks and the tip of his nose were red due to the cold. I smiled, he looked so adorable.

“Yea, I just don’t like heights” I admitted biting on my lower lip and Harry gave me a small nod. He hesitantly reached over and grabbed my hand interlocking our fingers together.

“You’re okay” He reassured me giving me a small smile. I looked into his eyes, I could get lost in that green blue color forever.

Harry pursed his lips together and looked down at my lips before looking back into my eyes. He started to lean closer pressing his black gloved hand gently against my cheek. Our lips were only a few inches away from each other, to be honest it seem as if they were farther away.  His breathe fogged out of his perfect pink lips, hitting mine. I started to lean closer to him so our lips could brush against each other’s, his lips curled up into a small smile. Harry was about to press his lips against mine when the lift came to a stop.

“Come on!” he whined underneath his breathe so I wouldn’t hear but I did. I giggle watching our friends jump off. I quickly leaned towards him and pecked his lips before jumping off.

Harry’s POV

We were all standing around the stand from earlier handing our gear to the instructor leaving us in our winter clothes. I looked over at Elizabeth and she was laughing with the girls as she tied her scarf around her neck I took this opportunity to talk to Louis.

“Louis!” I said grabbing his arm making him turn to face me.

“What?” he asked surprised.

“She kissed me!” I whispered happily.

“Huh?” he asked knitted his eyebrows together, I rolled my eyes.

“She kissed me Louis.”

He smiled at me and patted my shoulder. “That’s great man looks like the plan is working.”

“Guys come on, we are starting to get cold!” Sophia yelled at us.

“Coming” I said nodding at them. “Let’s just hope everything goes smoothly for tomorrow. “  I added and started walking after the girls.  

Elizabeth’s POV

“Guys, we aren’t all going to fit in one car so who wants to go with whom?” Niall asked glancing at all of us as we stood in the parking lot next to our two rented out cars.

“Well, most of us can fit in the fan but two people will have to go in the other car” Sophia said pointing back and forth between the two cars.

“I can drive the other car” Harry suggested and glanced at me giving me a small smile. This is perfect, now I can talk to him. I can finally ask all the questions that I need to be answered.

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