12. Time for Practice

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Elizabeth’s POV

It was now free period, Emily Chloe and I went down to the field for cheerleading practice. Our head cheerleader, Mandy, made us go over our routine but I kept messing up cause I have missed days of practice due to my ankle

“Hey Elizabeth, why won’t you just stay in the back for today” Mandy said motioning me with her hand to go to the back. I rolled my eyes and walked to the back of the group without saying anything.  I sighed and tried to follow the girl’s movements. I just had to see the routine once and I had it down. I looked across the field and saw the football team practicing as well.

They all had on their jerseys and matching shorts. I tried to look for Harry but I couldn’t pick him out of the crowd. Their coach sounded his whistle and they all huddled around him.

“Alright girls, take a break” I heard Mandy say to the group and I turned to look at her and the girls scattered around into their little groups and drank from their water bottles. Chloe and Emily walked towards me as I sat down on the grass stretching out my legs.

“Mandy shouldn’t be such a bitch. She shouldn’t have put you in the back of the group the only reason why you did not know the routine was because you missed a few days of practice.” Chloe said sitting down next to along with Emily.

“Yea, but the good news is that you don’t have to shower in the filthy showers that the locker room has” Emily said and drank from her water bottle. I let out a small laugh.

“Hey Ellie!” I turned my head and saw Harry waving at me from across the field. It looked like they were doing laps and he stopped in place to give me a wave. I smiled and waved back at him. He nodded and went back to doing his lap with the rest of the football team.

“That boy is so sweet I am super jealous!” Emily said playfully rolling her eyes. Chloe and I laughed at her.

“I thought you and Shawn had something going on?” Chloe said leaning back on her hands stretching out her legs in front of her.

“I thought we did too. You know the school’s winter formal is coming in about a week?” Emily said looking back and forth between Chloe and I.

“Yes and your point is?” I asked and she gave me an exasperated look.

“My point is that it’s in a week and he still hasn’t asked me to go with him. You know that all cheerleaders have to go with a date.”

“I don’t have a date to the winter formal either” I said raising my eyebrows at her.

Chloe nodded. “The only reason why I have a date is because Jeff is my boyfriend. I bet that if we weren’t even dating I wouldn’t be going either.”

“See that’s the difference between the two of you and me. I actually want to go to the winter formal!” She said with a whining and playfully pouted at us causing us to laugh.

“Well don’t worry he’s just trying to figure out how to ask you properly. Trust me he will ask you out” I said grabbing my water bottler form the ground and taking a drink.

“Yea, you’re probably right” She said and smiled.

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