59. Explosion

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Author's Note

i hope this chapter will be as vivid for you as i saw it play out in my head. I love you all so much!!xxxxxx

Elizabeth’s POV

“This time you have crossed the line Harry!” My dad yelled at him standing in front of the door. Harry was standing in the door way in his black skinny jeans and his white shirt, you could see the outline of some of his tattoos. I moved my eyes behind Harry and I was surprised to see that Louis was with him. Louis locked his eyes with mine showing his sympathy.

“I already told you Sir, I am not letting her go that easily” Harry said trying so hard to hide his anger but it was still clearly evident in his voice. “Besides, Mrs. Parker accepts us why can’t you?” Harry pleaded.

“Seriously dad!” I yelled crying, my dad turned to face me with a scowl on his face. “You won’t be able to keep us apart!”

“Understand, I love your daughter!” Harry yelled at my dad trying to get through to him.

“I don’t give a damn if you love her or not!” My dad yelled back at him and I felt my mom place her hands on my shoulders.  “ I prohibited you two from seeing each other and the two of you keep disobeying me!” My dad said looking back and forth between Harry and I.

“Richard, please calm down and listen to them!” My mom begged and Louis stepped inside the house standing next to Harry.

“No, I am not going to listen to them!” He paused shaking his head. “They are the ones they are supposed to listen to me” he said readjusting his voice once he realized that he was yelling at my mom.

My dad turned back to look at Harry. “I am going to talk to whoever your guardian is so they can make you understand!” he said waving his finger in front of Harry’s face.

“Dad please! I begged.  “ I am not a little kid anymore!”

I know yelling doesn’t fix anything but this can’t be happening. I am finally happy, so why would my dad want to take that away? I feel like he is taking everything away from me.  Harry looked at me and I knew he felt bad for causing trouble between my dad and I but honestly I didn’t care. I love him.

“Of course you are a little girl!” My dad said turning to face me casting over me, showing his power over mine. “You don’t even know what the hell you are talking about!”

“I do know what I’m talking about!” I yelled at him louder than I have ever done before. My dad narrowed his eyes at me.

My dad brought his arm back and I flinched. “Don’t raise your -!”

“Don’t you dare fucking touch her!” Harry yelled at him and my dad was trying to push him away which made Harry even more upset.  

“Harry, stop it!” Louis said pushing them apart standing in between the two of them. My dad and Harry were screaming at each other.

“Calm down!” Louis said holding both of his hands out trying to keep them apart.

“Don’t get involved kid” My dad ordered Louis. Louis turned to face my dad with cold blue eyes.  

“I will get involved sir, because they’re my friends.” Louis snapped at him.

“Well, if you care so much about them, then tell Harry to stay away from my daughter” I shook my head and looked at Harry. Harry had his hands in fists at his sides; you could see him shake with anger.

“Now, the both of you get the fuck out of my house!” he yelled waving Louis and Harry out.

“RICHARD!” My mom scolded him.

“If I ever see you with my daughter-“ My dad continued in a venomous voce.

“Dad stop, I am not staying away from him!”

My dad turned around and towered over me. “If you don’t like it young lady, then I suggest you get the hell out of my house!”

“ I will!” I said scowling at him. “I’m getting the fuck away from you!” I yelled.

“I’d like to see you try!” he yelled back as I headed up the stairs sobbing feeling the world shattering beneath my feet.

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