37. Lies

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Elizabeth’s POV

                I was sitting on the couch wrapped in Liam’s suit jacket next to him while Eleanor was in the kitchen. Eleanor had turned on the television but I wasn’t really focusing on it I was just starring forward blankly. My breathing had returned back to normal but I was still shaking. 

“Here you go Elizabeth” Eleanor whispered to me taking me out of my own little world and tried to hand me a mug of hot chocolate.  I shook my head and she sighed and placed the mug onto the small table in front of us before sitting down next to me.

I know I shouldn’t even be here right now. I should be questioning them about what happened. However, the truth is that I trust them all, I just don’t trust Harry. I want to ask them questions about what happened but my mind is racing and I’m too shocked to form a logical question.

The door quickly slammed opened and Harry walked in. “Elizabeth” he said walking towards me and I stood up shrugging Liam’s suit off. “Please let me explain.” I shook my head.

“Stay away from me Harry” I said and he looked hurt. He also looked like a complete wreck. There was blood all over his hands and on his mouth, his white shirt was ripped opened and his tie was hanging lose around his neck. 

Harry grabbed my hands to pull me closer to him but I pushed him away.” Get away!” I yelled at him and he looked at me with wide eyes and Eleanor grabbed my hand pulling me to her side.

“Sorry, we couldn’t stop him from coming here” Zayn said standing by the door.

“I know I scared you and I am sorry but please let me explain. Please, I am begging you” Harry said pleading to me.  “I’m not going to hurt you”

I scowled feeling anger rush through me. “You won’t hurt me? Harry you killed someone! How the hell am I supposed to believe that?” I yelled at him.

He groaned. “I know what I did and I am sorry but you know I had to. He was going to kill you.”

“Yea, that’s another thing, why did he want to kill me?”  I paused. “On second thought never mind. I have nothing to say to you” I said letting go of Eleanor hand heading for the stairs.

“Elizabeth, please” Harry said his voice shaking.  I turned to look at him half way up the stairs.

“No harry! You lied to me! You led me to believe that I knew you, but you lied to me!” I scowled at him. “You lied to me about yourself and most of all you led me to believe that you actually loved me” I said tears running down my face.

“I do love you Ellie” he said walking towards me but Louis grabbed his arm to hold him in place. I shook my head.

“Don’t call me that!” I snapped at him. “You are one fucked up son of a bitch!” I said scowling at him and he gapes at me bemused “Now please leave me alone” I whispered quickly making my way up the stairs.

“Harry, leave her alone for a while” I heard Liam say before I walked into the guest room and closed the door behind me. I quickly climbed onto my bed fighting the urge to cry. If I cry that will show that I am weak, and I am not weak, I can’t be.

Harry’s POV

                I saw Elizabeth walk up the stairs and I quickly sat on the couch placing my face in my hands. What the hell did I do? Why the fuck did I had to lose control? Now I pushed her away. I rubbed my hand on my forehead and slumped back onto the couch.

“Harry, leave her alone for a while” Liam said looking at me.

“I can’t Liam. Don’t you understand!” I yell at him standing up running my hands through my hair taking in a deep breath. “Don’t you understand that I love her? I love her to death, and now I lost her all because I lost my temper!”

“She was bound to find out” Niall said softly with a shrug shaking his head at me.

“Yes, but not like this. “ I paused walking towards the door. “She wasn’t supposed to get hurt or get scared. Now she thinks that I lied to her. I did lie to her about me but not about loving her” I said letting out a shaking breath opening the door walked out of the house.

Elizabeth’s POV

                I changed into the same pair of sweats I used last time that I came here and now I was on the bed starring at blank white ceiling. There was a knock at t door. “Who is it?” I asked looking at the door.

“It’s Louis. Can I come in?” he asked.

“Yea” I said in a monotone and the door clicked opened. Louis stepped in closing the door behind him.  He slowly made his way over and sat down on the bed.

“Are you alright?” he asked as I sat up hugging my knees to my chest. I shrugged not looking at him. Louis sighed.

“Look I understand that he did lie to you but he had a good reason” he said paused. “Will you please just let him explain?”

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