9. Rage

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Harry’s POV

  “Kids wake up!!” I heard Mr. Stewart yell outside of my tent. I opened my eyes and rubbed them before crawling out of my tent.

“What’s going on?” Mathew asks with a yawn as others started to get out of their tents. I stretched my arms out and yawned.

“Some of your classmates are missing.” Mr. Stewart said with a frustrating look on his face. I glanced around the group that was here and I immediately knew who was missing. He divided us into groups and we all explored around the campsite to look for them.

“Where were you kids!” I hear Mr. Stewart say before any of us took off. I turned back around seeing Emily, Shawn, Chloe and Jeff bending over with their hands on their knees. They looked absolutely awful.

“What happened to you kids?” Mr. Stewart said his expression softening as he walked toward them along with Mr. Johnson.

“We went out for a walk.” Emily said pausing for a brief second “We were on our way back and Elizabeth she-“Emily said through her heavy breathing but got interrupted.

“Wait." Chloe says. "Where's Elizabeth?" I frown walking over to her tent speaking inside seeing it was empty.

“She must have gotten out of the group along the way” Shawn says when I turn back around seeing him drinking from his water bottle.

I looked at them scowling, with every word they would say it made me even more upset.

“We have to find her!” Emily said starting to walk back into the trees and I agreed but Mr. Johnson held her back.

“No one is going in there until you all tell me what the hell happened” Mr. Johnson says gently released Emily’s arm.

“Like Emily was saying, we went for a walk and then Elizabeth found a body and then we heard a growl from some sort of animal and we ran here. I guess she got lost along the way” Shawn said. I looked at the ground blinking a few times trying to grasp the words that he said, clenching my jaw.

“How could you lose sight of Elizabeth!” I yell glaring at Shawn and Jeff feeling the anger run through my veins. I could kill them now if I could.

“Styles, calm down. We will find her.” Mr. Stewart said raising his hand up signaling me to stay calm. I simply rolled my eyes at him in annoyance crossing my arms over my chest.

“Alright, all of you kids pick up all the tents and bags and load them into the bus while Mr. Stewart and I go look for Elizabeth. We will call the rangers so they can call the police about the body.” Mr. Johnson said and everyone nodded and quickly started to gather everything up and I stood there shaking my head at every word.

“That’s the plan? Just two people are going to go look for her while something that can kill her is out there!” I scowl balling my hands into fists on either side of me.

“Yes Harry! We cannot let any one of you get lost or get hurt!” Mr. Johnson snapped back at me losing his temper. I can lose my temper too more than you think.

I groaned and started to walk into the direction of trees. I’ll look for her myself.  I felt someone grab onto my arms looking up seeing it was Shawn and Jeff.

“Harry Styles you are going to stay here even if you like it or not!” Mr. Stewart yelled sternly at me with a scowl on his face.  Mr. Stewart waved his hand at Mr. Johnson telling him to come with him to go look for Elizabeth. My eyes followed them as they walked away with pure hate; pulling at the hold that Shawn and Jeff had on me.

After a while longer I got fed up and managed to elbow Shawn causing him to loosen his grip before pushing Jeff onto the ground quickly running away.

I ran into the woods trying to see if I could listen to her. I saw both Mr. Stewart and Mr. Johnson up ahead. I turned back around and went around them so I wouldn’t be seen. The last thing I need is to be caught before I had the chance to find her. I am going to find her, I have to.

My thoughts were interrupted by a scream. I stopped in my tracks and listened again to see if what I heard was right. I heard a growl followed by another scream. I grown quickly running in the direction where it had came from. 

I stop once I knew I was close glancing around before my eyes stopped locking on Elizabeth roll down a hill a few feet away.

When she reached the bottom of the hill she tried getting up but it looked like she hurt her ankle and couldn’t stand up. My eyes fixated to the top of the hill seeing a creature starring  down at her ready to jump.

"Damn it." I curse as the charm on my necklace turned red.

Elizabeth’s POV

 I whimpered when I reached the bottom of the hill lying on my stomach. I pushed myself up by my arms trying to get up but I felt a sharp pain in my ankle and could not stand up. I turned and looked back up at the hill and saw the creature growl at me getting ready to jump.

This is it, this is my death.

The creature growled again barring his teeth and jumped. 

“No!!” I yelled covering my eyes with both of my hands. 

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