82. Holiday Contemplation

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oh and i would like to dedicate this chapter to polaroidlou because she is one of my favorite author's at the moment!

Elizabeth’s POV

I have survived day five post- Harry. Everything has been going a bit better than I expected. Although, I have had moments were I really miss him. Moments were I want to just dial his number on speed dial and ask him to come over but I always convince myself not to do it.

 Eleanor and I were doing fine at our jobs at the local diner. However, Eleanor has decided to book us all tickets to go on holiday together to France and go skiing, obviously I agreed. Little did I know that Eleanor fail to mention that Harry was also tagging along.

“Come on please!” Eleanor begged me interlocking her hands together in front of her chest, pleading me. I rolled my eyes and contemplated with myself ,if i should unpack my suitcases that were already zipped up and ready to go.

“You already agreed to go.” Eleanor whined. “Now, come on before you make us miss our plane!”

“Eleanor, I would love to go.” I admitted. “However, you didn’t tell me that Harry was coming too.”

Eleanor sighed and looked a bit guilty. “I know I didn’t tell you at the time when I ask you. Deep down I know I should have mention it to you” She nodded. “Nevertheless, don’t act like you don’t miss him.” She smirked at me.

I groaned. “It’s not that I don’t miss him, Eleanor. I just can’t bring myself to trust him right now” I said quietly underneath my breath as I rubbed my upper arm with one of my hand, both of my arms folded across my chest. Eleanor looked at me and pursed her lips together, thinking.

“Okay, how about this?” She smiled. “How about you still come on holiday with us and I’ll tell the boys if they can room in together so us, girls, can room in together. That way you don’t have to room in with Harry” she suggested tilting her head to the side.

Originally, when she bought the ticket a while back ago she set all of us up so we could all room with our boyfriends but thanks to some current events the plan has changed.

I sighed and bit my lip. “Alright” I said giving in. Eleanor smiled and quickly walked over and wrapped her arms around me. When it comes to Eleanor you can never win, she can be quite convincing.

“Let’s go” Eleanor said pulling away from me and grabbed one of my suitcases of the bed while I reached over to grab the other one.

“Girls, come on!” Zayn yelled from downstairs.

“Yea, we are going to miss our flight, babe!” Louis added.

“We’re coming!” Eleanor replied as we headed out the door. “Who knows, maybe you and Harry can work it out” she shrugged.

I raise my eyebrows at her. She stops, turning to look at me in the middle of the hallway. “Look, I’ll promise to be nice to him. However, don’t get way ahead of yourself”

Eleanor giggled. “Whatever you say, Elizabeth.” She said shaking her head picking up my bag from the handle. “ I know you better than you know yourself” she said walking off the landing of the stairs and starting to make her way down. 

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