11. Nicknames equal Love

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Elizabeth’s POV

 A few days has passed since the camping trip of hell. Well at first it was alright but then it all went to hell due to my near death experience. I still cannot figure out how the thing that was going to jump on me and clearly tear me to pieces in order to be his food would just walk away. Yes, I am grateful that Harry found me but there is just something that does not add up.

The night that we all came back home ,Harry texted me saying that he was sorry for being rude back on the bus. I was mad at him but we both decided to just move on and continue on being friends. I mean it’s normal that we both got upset. We were both tired and freak out about everything.

I stood by my locker grabbing my French textbook and not book off the shelf. The hall was crowded with a lot of students running around trying to grab their things and get to class on time. Some students where just leaning against their lockers pretending to act cool, while they flirt with any girl that passed by. Emily was grabbing her textbook from her locker that was right next to mine.

Emily is one of my best friends along with Chloe. I meet Emily freshman year when I joined cheerleading. Now we the three of us are seniors and we are closer than ever.

“So how’s your ankle doing?” She asked closing her locker and looked at me.

“My ankle is fine now. Thank God, I really hate missing cheerleading practice.” I said taking off my bag from my shoulder placing it inside.

“That’s because you enjoy being all sweaty and gross” She said with a small laugh hugging her textbook to her chest. I looked over at her and smiled.

“There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in shape” I said and closed my locker once I took out my pen and notebook out as well.

“Hey Ellie” Harry said looking at me as he walked passed us. I smiled at him and he walked down the hall.

When I turned to look back at Emily she had a huge smile on her face.

“What?” I asked giving her a confused look.

“Harry Styles knows your name!” she squealed. “He also gave you a nick name!”

I laughed at her. “Em we are friends of course he would have a nick name for me.”

“What’s going on?” Chloe said as she walked over to us.

“What’s going on is that Harry like Elizabeth!” Emily said happily. I rolled my eyes.

“He does not!” I said whining.

“He totally does, it is so obvious” Chloe said and I sighed. Before I could say anything else the bell rang.

“Come on let’s go to class.” I said pushing them lightly so they would walk.

“Will you just sleep with him already?!” Emily said as she linked her arm with mine and Chloe did the same to the other. I laughed. I love them both so much they always know how to make me smile and they are both so beautiful.

“Emily!” I said feeling the blood rush to my cheeks.

“Come on Ellie” she said emphasizing on the nickname that Harry gave me. We all laughed and headed around the corner to class.

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