83. Inner thoughts and Promises

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 Elizabeth’s POV

We were all walking down the walk way of our plane looking for our seats. I moved myself around various passengers trying my best not to hit anyone. I reach my seat and glance at my ticket to double check. I place my bag on the top compartment and sat at the seat by the window. Yay! I get this space to myself.

Eleanor and Louis sat in front of me. Liam and Sophia were sitting in the seats next to me. Niall, Perrie and Zayn were a few rows back. I pulled out my iPod from my jacket pocket and started to untangle my earphones as a couple of passengers quickly headed to their seats.

‘Excuse me, is this seat taken?” I look up and I’m locked in a pair of sparkly green eyes. Harry looks at me, shocked. I look at him and he slowly takes a seat next to me.

Harry clears his throat placing his hands on his lap. “Well…this is awkward” he stated. I looked up at him and let out a small laugh and he chuckled.

Eleanor stood up from her seat. “Oops. Yea” she smiled. “I kind of forgot to switch Harry’s ticket with Niall’s” she said motioning her index finger back and forth. Eleanor gave us a smile, that smile that reads ‘I’m saying I’m sorry but in reality I am not’.  Louis laughed and Eleanor turned back around and took a seat. After a beat Harry breaks the silence between us.

“Well, at least you know this isn’t my doing” He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Hey, I’m just lightening up the mood. I mean do you really think I would plan this? Do you really think that low of me?”

“Yes” I quickly admitted, buckling my seat beat. Harry sighed and buckled his seat belt as we started to take off.

Harry’s POV

Of course, not switching the tickets was my doing. I know, it may sound either mean or selfish because I lied to her…again. But this lie is different; this lie may probably get me the opportunity to win her back. However, Niall was pretty upset with me when I told him I didn’t want to switch tickets. I wouldn’t blame him, I would be annoyed too. I have hurt Elizabeth so much, I kissed Mandy…well she kissed me. Also, the fact that there is a dark side of me that just wants to rip her throat out. God, I wish I was normal!

The only thing that has let me get some sleep at night is that she might be as miserable as I am. I want her to be. I just want her to be miserable without me like I am with her because then I truly know that she loves me. Being loved by someone is an amazing thing, but being loved by Elizabeth…it takes love to a whole new level for me. I never knew what love was until she came along and showed me.

I bet with everything that has been going on she has forgotten that the real reason why we are going on holiday is because her birthday is in a few days. I am going to make this trip be the best trip that she has ever had, I owe her that much. 

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