20. Game Night

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Elizabeth’s POV

                Emily Chloe and I were down by the field with the rest of the cheerleaders waiting for the game to starts. The bleachers were filled with friends and family members from both teams. A few rows up I saw Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia all dressed in warm clothes due to the chilly weather. Liam was sitting next to Sophia and Zayn was sitting next to Perrie. Eleanor was the only one whose boyfriend wasn’t sitting next to her because he was also on the team with Harry along with Niall.

                After a few minutes have gone by our school’s team started to run onto the field. The crowd cheered and roared as soon as they stepped out. 

                “Alright girls get into your places” Mandy said taking off her sweater to reveal her uniform.  We all did the same after her but I must say this night is chilly.

There was now only ten minutes left in the game and we were tied. Both teams were taking a small break. Harry ran over to me shaking his hair away from his face.

“We are tied, I don’t know how we are going to score” He said breathing heavily.

“It’s okay if you don’t win. Don’t stress over it Harry you’ll be fine” I said as the referee sound his whistle. Harry pecked my cheek and ran back onto the field.

The game resume its place from before, the other team had the ball while players from our team would try to tackle them down. Niall stole the ball from one of the other team’s members and passed it over to Louis. Louis ran down the field to the other team’s side while many of them chased him closely behind. Harry was standing near the score zone wide open. Louis passed the ball to him but once Harry had the ball one of the other team member stepped in. He tried to get the ball back and ended up tackling Harry roughly onto the ground. A few of the people in the crowd gasped and the referee sounded his whistle.

“Looks like your bad boy isn’t so tough huh?”  Mandy said smirking at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Would you shut your mouth before I shut it for you!” I snapped at her losing my temper.

‘Don’t mess with me or i’ll make you regret it” she said walking over and stood in front of me. Emily came and stood by my side.

“Would you shut your enormous mouth Mandy? You are just jealous that Harry wants her instead of you. It’s so obvious why Harry chose Elizabeth over you, she isn’t a boyfriend stealing whore.” Emily said scowling at her.

“Well if then if that is who I am then I’ll get what I want. I always get what I want and right now I want your pretty little boyfriend over there” she said I rolled my eyes and ignored her turning around and focused my attention back on Harry. Niall helped him off the ground and Louis had a hand on his shoulder. Harry looked up and you could see that he was in a bit of pain he held and arm across his torso. Niall walked him over to the bleachers and sat him down while Louis handed him a bottle of water. I quickly walked over to him with Emily and Chloe hot on my tale. I placed my hand on his upper arm and crouched down in front of him.

“Are you okay?” I asked looking at him his face was down and he had his eyes closed.

“Yea, I’m fine. I just have to walk it off that’s all” he said and stood up. He opened his bottle of water and took a drink then handed it to me. “Thanks for checking on me” he said and gave me a kiss and ran back onto the field.

Harry’s POV

                My heart was beating fast I was standing in the middle of the field waiting for the ball to come towards my way.  One of the other team’s members ran and stood just a few steps away from me.

                “Nice girl you have there, checking up on you to see if you are okay that’s sweet.” He said in a mocking tone. I rolled my eyes and said nothing.

“What? Do you have nothing to say?” he said and I turned to look at him. “She is beautiful, her legs really do stand out in that tiny well fitted cheerleading outfit” he said wiggling his eyebrows.  I scowled at him my hands in fists on either side of me.

                He turned to look over to where Elizabeth was standing next to the bleachers talking to her friends. “Man if she looks hot with the uniform on, I can’t even imagine what it would be like if she had it off” he said shaking his head with a smile and whistled. I snapped and tackled him to the ground I raised my arm and punched him in the face and I hear a whistle go off but I didn’t give a crap. I raised my arm back up again but I felt someone grab my wrist and pull me back.

“He’s just trying to get to your head!” Liam whispered in my ear as the little fucker stood up from the ground.

“If you go near her I’ll kill you!” I said growling at him but he just smiled rubbing his jaw and walked away. 

“Harry mate, it’s okay he won’t touch her!” Liam said holding me and I could feel my body shake with rage.  Louis came over and stood in front of me.

“Harry calm down” He warned but I already lost control. I dropped to my knees and held my head I closed my eyes I was literally seeing red and I could feel like I was going to snap any minute.

“Hey kid, are you alright?” the referee asked but I didn’t respond.

“We will take him to the locker room” I heard Niall say and felt two and grab me by the arms and helped me walk out of the field.

                They carried me into the locker room and sat me on one of the chair near the showers.  I started to breath rapidly and my heart was going at an uncontrollable pace. The guys just stared at me not knowing what to do.

“I’m losing it guys!” I yelled tugging at my hair and punched the locker that was closet to me the sound echoing across the room. 

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