2. Camping and Sharing

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Elizabeth's POV

The next morning I woke up at five to get ready for the class camping trip at Widow Lake. I quickly changed and headed out the door with my bag and drove to school. I parked my car in the west side parking lot and my class was already placing their bags onto the bus when I arrived.

Chloe walked over to me and helped me put my bag under the bus before grabbing my hand climbing on the bus joining the rest of the class. Chloe went to go sit with her boyfriend Jeff and Emily went to go sit with Shawn.

I sat in the back seat of the bus away from everybody else. Don't get me wrong I love my friends but sometimes being alone is a good thing. I soon realize it was going to be a long drive so I place my ear phones on and listened to my I-Pod as we pulled out of the school. I stare out the window admiring the weather, a few rain drops from the morning rain stuck on the foggy window. A moment later I  felt the seat sink in next to me I turned my head around and saw Harry.

"Hey!" I smiled at him taking my ear phones out.

"Hey." He said simply, his voice sounding a bit gloomy.

"What's wrong Harry?" I asked turning my body in order to face him leaning on the window, everyone else was having their own conversations so ours won't be the only one heard.

"It's just..I'm a bit worried." He said looking at his hands.

"About what?" I asked him confused.

"I just have never been out with so many people and.. i.." Harry stops and I nod understanding his worry.

"Harry it's okay that you are shy. It's completely normal. I'm right here by your side no matter what." I say placing my hand on his shoulder earning a small smile from him.

Harry nodded and leaned back into the seat. "So what were you listening to?" he asked raising an eyebrow at me.

"Oh, I was listening to Ed Sheeran." I said and handed him one of my ear phones as I placed the other in my ear.

Harry smiled at me and placed the ear phone in his ear and listened. "I like it." He said nodding in approval and I chuckled.

After a few songs I couldn't help but notice the necklace around his neck. It was silver and had a charm on it; every now and then it would change color.

"Hey Harry. What's up with the necklace?" I said grabbing it and examining the charm.

"Oh.. It just changes color with my mood. Sort of like a mood ring. I have had it for a while" He said simply.

"So are you excited for the trip?" He asked quickly reaching over and placed his arm on the back of the seat. I knew he was just asking to try and change the subject but I didn't ask any further questions. Who am I to judge maybe there is a symbolic meaning behind the necklace and it's too personal to talk about.

"Yea, I am. I have not been camping in so long." I nod letting out a small yawn and he chuckled.

"Are you still sleepy?" He asked smirking at me his eyes a bit blue green but they were different than before. There was some sort of glow to them...Nah! It's just my imagination I'm just tired.

I nodded. "I'm not much of a morning person." I mumbled.

"Well you can sleep. I'll wake you when we arrive." Harry said offering to me. "After all it is a long drive."

I could not say no to his offer. He was right it was a long drive to the lake and I did not get enough sleep. I leaned my head on his shoulder and soon drifted to sleep.

"Hey El." I heard a voice say and felt someone shake my shoulder. "El."

I groaned and fluttered my eyes opened and blinked a few times to adjust my eye sight. I looked at Harry and he gave me a small smile. I slowly sat up looking around the bus and saw the rest of our classmates walking out.

"We are here!" He said excitedly. "Come on get up sleepy head!"

I grabbed my phone and placed it in my jean pocket. I looked around for my IPod but could not find it. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Looking for something?" Harry asked smirking at me holding my I-Pod in his hand with my ear phones wrapped around it. "Sorry I just got lost in your music. I had to see what else you liked." I shook my head smiling and grabbed my I-Pod from his hand placing it in my jacket pocket.

"Hurry, slow poke!" Harry said grabbing my hand and quickly leading us out of the bus making me to giggle.

"Alright Harry! Slow down!" I said smiling wide and he released my hand once we got out. "See we got out off the bus. We didn't miss anything."

Harry chuckled. "Sorry I'm just so excited!" He said as Mr. Stewart and Mr. Johnson handed the students their bags to which they belonged to. Harry placed on his back pack then helped me with mine before reaching out tightening  the straps for me.

"Thanks."I said smiling at him.

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