99. Not Okay

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Author's Note

Hye everybody! i would like to start off by saying that i am dedicating this chapter to@Abby_Rose02 because she is one of my new followers! yay! Anyways, i hope you all enjoy this chapter as well. Never forget that i love every single one of you!!! xxx

 Elizabeth’s POV

“Ugh! They are taking forever. I’m going to see what’s going on” I said opening the door jumping out of the car closing it behind me. I walked onto the side walk and onto the front yard up the porch steps.

“Harry, Louis what is taking you guys so long?” I asked as I stepped inside.

“Oh, hi, Ellie!” Louis smiled walking out of the kitchen and over to me. “We can go now, Harry already returned the key” He said placing his arm around my waist turning me around walking me to the door.

“Louis that’s great” I giggled. “But don’t be silly. I’m here now the least I can do is hi to my mom” I said pushing him away and made my way into the kitchen.

“No, Elizabeth that’s-“ I hear Louis say behind me once I walked into the kitchen. I quickly stopped in my tracks and stood there frozen. My eyes went wide, Harry walked over to me.

There was blood all over the cabinets and counter tops and splattered all around the floor. My parents bodies were all dismantled, their clothes drowned in their blood. I opened my mouth to speak or to scream but nothing came out.

Harry quickly covered my eyes and pulled me into his chest.

Niall’s POV

“Guys, don’t let Elizabeth inside yet!”

All of us quickly got out of the car trying to catch up to Elizabeth. However, by the time we reached her she had already walked inside.

We all quickly walked across the living room into the kitchen. We all gasped once we saw the scene in front of us. There was blood all over the floor and counter tops, her parents were lying dead on the floor. Harry was holding Elizabeth covering her eyes.

“Harry, let me go!” she sobbed.

“No, Elizabeth” Harry said trying to kept his grip on her. Harry pulled her towards us still covering her eyes.

“Guys, please take her.” Harry ordered. I quickly reached over and took Elizabeth leading her out of the house.

“No, Niall!” She whined. “Let me go please!” She said planting her feet on the floor. I sighed and picked her up in my arms, walking us out of the house.

“Niall, let me go! “ She said hitting me on my chest. I knew she was upset, so I knew she didn’t really want to cause me pain. “Please, I have to know what happened!”

I placed her inside the car in the passenger’s seat. Tears were rolling down her face, she looked so shocked. I wouldn’t be surprised if she may be traumatized for a while.

Eleanor’s POV

“What are we going to do?” I asked, my voice breaking.

“First, I have to clean this up” Harry said shaking his head looking for something underneath the kitchen sink.

“I’m going to go look around” Zayn said excusing himself and stepped out of the kitchen.

“What about Elizabeth?” I asked after a while.

“Niall, took her outside. I think it’s best that she doesn’t see this.”

“Who do you think did it?” Louis asked leaning against the wall.

“Who do you think it was, Louis!” Harry snapped slamming the cabinet door shut. We all looked at him with wide eyes. Harry frowned starring at us and sighed.

“I’m sorry guys.” Harry said rubbing his hands over his face.

“It’s okay, Harry” Liam said soft, low voice.

Harry glanced up at him with a confused look. “It’s okay? How is this okay, Liam!”

“Harry i-“

“This is not okay at all. Dominic has crossed the line. I swear I am going to find him” Harry swore with so much fury in his eyes.

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