10. Angel

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Elizabeth's POV

I covered my eyes waiting for it. I felt something pull on my arms and I screamed tears streaming down my face.

I kept my eyes closed and reached onto the ground grabbing my broken flashlight and swung at whatever was holding me.

"OW! Elizabeth I'm not going to hurt you!" I heard a raspy voice complain. I open my eyes seeing Harry holding his arms over his face trying to protect himself from my swinging.

"Harry?" I mutter, my lower lip quivering, as I placed the flashlight down in the ground.

"Yea it's me."He nods reaching out pulling me to his chest. "You are okay. It's gone your safe"

"What was that thing?"  I say,my voice shaking as I desperately clutched onto him while his hand gently rubbed my back.

"First things first, lets get you back to the camp site because you are freezing. Lets hurry though." He replies taking off his jacket handing it over to me; leaving him just in his t-shirt. I shrugged on his jacket pushing my arms through the sleeves and pushed them up so my hands wouldn't be covered.

"I can't walk Harry" I say looking up at him shaking my head as he stood up. "Just go get help. If you wait for me to try to keep up with you then we will both die."

Harry kneeled down beside me placing his hand over mine."I'm not leaving you here." He says shaking his head. "Besides it left, it's not coming back" he adds trying to sooth me.

How is he so sure?

"Put your arms around my neck" He orders leaning down and I did as told. He placed one arm under my knees and the other on my back and lifted me off the ground.

Harry started to make our way back to the camp site and through out the time we spent walking nothing was said. As minutes went by I started to feel more and more tired.

"Thank you for looking for me." I state after a while lifting my head off of his chest to look up at him, trying to keep my sleepy eyes opened.

"It's okay. Go to sleep angel." Harry replies in a soft voice not bothering to look down at me.


I simply nodded and placed my head back onto his chest closing my eyes.

Harry's POV

"It's okay. Go to sleep angel." I reply looking straight ahead. I felt her place her head back onto my chest.

Thank God that I found her in time. I don't know how I would be able to live with myself if anything happened to her.

As I walked us back to the camp site Mr. Stewart and Mr. Johnson were standing outside of the bus with one of the rangers as everyone else was already seated in the bus.

Mr. Stewart turned his head and looked at me with a very disapproving look but a slight relief wash his face when he saw Elizabeth in my arms. Quickly, Mr. Johnson walked over to me taking Elizabeth out of my arms carrying her to the bus.

"Where have you been? We told you to stay here!" Mr. Stewart says glaring down at me. I scowl  crossing my arms over my chest. I looked up and saw several of our classmates starring out of their windows to see the conversation that we were having.

Why do they have to be so nozy?

"I went to go look for her." I reply, clenching my jaw, my voice low trying to reel in my sudden anger. "Clearly if I hadn't she would not be alive right now. Trust me ,there is nothing that you could have done." I spat walking passed him. 

As I stepped on the first steps of the bus I turned back around to face Mr. Stewart. "I found her, that's all that should matter. " I add as calmly as I could and with that I walked onto the bus. I looked up and saw everyone quickly sit down in their seats trying to not look as if they were listening.


I glance around the rows of seats looking for Elizabeth before my eyes catch her sitting in the back of the bus, awake.saw Elizabeth awake in the back of the bus. I felt the bus vibrate beneath before hearing the engine roar to life as I made my way down. Mr. Johnson was sitting down beside her applying first aid. I frown, seeing her ankle bandaged up.

"There you go, sweetheart." Mr. Johnson says once he was done cleaning her scratches, handing her a bottle of water. Mr. Johnson looks up at me giving me a small smile before he standing up, I step aside so he could pass.

Elizabeth took a sip of water as I sat down next to her.  Her once neat wavy hair, was now a bit frizzy and very wet and still, it didn't change the way she looked. She still looked like the same fragile, lovely girl I have been starting to get to know.

"You okay?" I ask.

"Yes, I am okay now. I was a bit shaken up but I'm fine now." She replies with a nod, reassuring me. Elizabeth scooted forward in her seat and shrugged off my jacket and I frown as she handed it back to me.

"Thank you but I don't need it anymore." She mutters. Besides you need it more than I do your all soaked." She adds with a small laugh. I grab my jacket giving her a small smile.

After a while of driving, I kept feeling Elizabeth's brown eyes stare at me every once and a while.

"What is it?" I ask , having enough of her starring, turning my head to look at her.

"How did you find me?" Elizabeth asks crossing her arms over her chest; leaning against the window.

"I went looking for you and I heard you scream." I shrug as if it was an everyday response.

"Okay. Well how about when it was going to jump at me?" She presses, clearly unsatisfied by my response. "It was going to jump at me, I'm sure that it was ,then I closed my eyes and you were there... how-?"

"Elizabeth, it's not that complicated to grasp. The animal was there then it wasn't." I reply, rigidly, gesturing with my hands. "You were hurt and I brought you back to the campsite. Nothing strange at all."

Elizabeth scowled at me. "Yes but-"

"Elizabeth let it go, it's in the past." I interrupt rolling my eyes at her. "The good news is that nothing bad happened to you, nothing major happened. Let it go." I say sternly, ready to fully close the subject.  She eyed me for a second biting her lip saying nothing.

"Thank you." She mumbles, after a beat, turning her head to look out the window. I could tell that she was mad but truthfully it didn't matter to me; the less she knew the better.

"You're welcome." I reply  leaning back in my seat; closing my eyes.

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