28. The Night of Thoughts

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Elizabeth’s POV

                Harry drove me back to my place after spending the evening together. I never thought that I could envision myself with someone, especially with someone like Harry.  How did I get so lucky?  I sighed lying on my bed starring at the blank white ceiling with the fan on, not being able to sleep. The stereo was playing some pop song quietly in the background so my room wouldn’t be too quiet.

 How did all of this with Harry happen? Yea, we are close but something feels strange this time. It’s like my feelings for him are stronger than I have ever had with any other of my ex-boyfriends.  As strange as it sounds it’s like I can’t be without him, not even for a day, let alone an hour. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone buzzing next to me on the bed. I grabbed it in my hand and answered without looking at the caller  ID.

“Hello? “ I said semi quietly into the phone.

“Hey baby”  Harry’s raspy voice came through the line and I immediately smiled. Just his voice makes me melt away.


“What are you up to?”

“Just lying on my bed” I said shrugging

“Oh I’m sorry if I woke you up. I just wanted to say goodnight.”

“No. It’s okay. I can’t sleep.”

“So did you have fun today?” he asked and I could tell that he was a bit nervous from where his voice raised half an octave.

“Yes, I had fun. Thank you. I cannot wait for tomorrow either.”

“Me either. I can’t wait to see how beautiful you are going to look” he paused “Not that you are not beautiful now” He added quickly and I giggled. We both stayed silent for a couple of minutes none of us saying anything. Even if we weren’t saying anything we knew that we were both there.

“Where are you?” he asked and I wriggled my eyebrows together confused by his question.

“What do you mean?” I asked rolling onto my stomach.

“Yea, like where a=exactly are you?”

“Do you mean in the house?”

“Yea” he said and chuckled.


“Because I want to feel like I am there with you”. I smiled, he didn’t say anything after that but I knew he was smiling to its like I could sense it.

After a few minutes, I was so caught up in my own personal bliss that I didn’t realize that Harry was softly singing into the phone. He was singing along to the song that was playing on my stereo. Wow, I could listen to him for hours. I wish he would sing louder, now that would be amazing. Then I would have the urge to have his voice recorded onto my phone and listen to him all day and all night through my headphones.

“I didn’t know you could sing” I said after the song was over.  He chuckled.

“I don’t know. I just like it I guess. Music takes away some of my worries” he said simply. However, for some reason I couldn’t help feeling like there may have been a double meaning behind it, that there was something that was bothering him.

“Are you okay? I asked him.

“Yea, I’m alright. Are you?” he asked and I nodded, there was a silence.

“Elizabeth?” Harry asked again. “Are you okay?”

“Oh yea, I’m okay. Sorry I did answer you I just nodded. I completely forgot that we are talking on the phone rather than you being here” I said letting out a small laugh and he did the same.

 I sat up from my bed still holding my phone against my ear. “Hey babe, it’s getting late. I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”

“Yea. Good night Ellie.”

“Goodnight” I said pulling the blankets back on the bed so I could climb in.

“I love you”

“I love you too” I said but he didn’t hang up. I smiled.

“Hang up!” I said giggling.

“You hang up” he said and my smile widened.

“Fine, goodnight Haz” I said and hanged up placing my phone on my nightstand.  I reached over and turned off my lamp, I blinked trying to adjust my eyes to the darkness. I lie there still not being able to sleep, because my mind is racing. My mind is racing thoughts only about Harry.

The way he smiles that gorgeous smile of his and the way his hand feels against mine. When I look at him it’s as if you look up at the sun and blinds you. I never want for him to go away; I never want him to ask me to go away. I never want to leave him; I never want him to give me a reason to leave. If he does give me a reason I’d know that I’d have to leave and I really don’t want to. I wouldn’t be able to cope.

  Author's Note

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