6. Couple Fighting

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Elizabeth’s POV

We were walking through the trees and the sticky muddy ground in the dark. Why? Because my friend is crazy that’s why.

“Shawn, why did you want to walk around at this hour?” I ask lighting the ground with my flashlight trying to avoid branches and holes that would cause me to fall over.

“Okay first of all, this wasn't my idea it was Jeff’s idea. Second, it’s fun not having to follow orders from someone who has higher authority just because they are older than you." Shawn says smiling at me.

“Seriously, you guys are crazy.” I mutter shaking my head as we continued to walk.

Chloe’s POV

 We were walking down the stupid muddy forest due to my stupid annoying boyfriend. This is just a stupid idea; we are all going to get in trouble once we walk back to the camp site.

“Babe come on talk to me." Jeff pleaded as he walked behind me as Emily, Shawn, and Elizabeth were taking the lead. I completely ignored him I am in no mood to discuss with him especially since I am already in a bad mood just due to the fact that I could be sleeping peacefully right now in my tent all warm and cozy.

“Babe” Jeff said as he grabbed my arm and made me turn to look at him but all I did was look at the ground. He placed his hand under my chin and made me look at him but I quickly stepped back.

“If you didn’t want to come then why did you tag along? You should have just stayed back at the tent.” Jeff said scowling at me.

“Oh sure Jeff, like I will be able to sleep peacefully in the tent alone knowing that my boyfriend is walking around in the dark doing God knows what!” I said and rolled my eyes at him.

Elizabeth’s POV

I was walking ahead trying to finish this stupid hike. The faster we finish this walk the faster we will be at the camp site , and the faster we are at the campsite there will be the least possibility that either Mr. Stewart or Mr. Johnson will notice that we were gone.

“Hey Elizabeth, wait up” Emily calls from behind me. I turned around and saw hat she and Shawn stopped walking. They glanced behind them and I followed their gaze  watching Chloe and Jeff argue. I rolled my eyes letting out a deep sigh.

“You do this all the time. You set your mind to something without thinking about the consequences that can cause to others. You do this all the fucking time. You’re being selfish." Chloe says looking up at Jeff scowling at him.

“No I am not. I thought that this would be fun."

“It would be fun! Fun for who? Do you realize that it’s like one in the morning and we are walking through some stupid muddy forest? If we get caught we all get in trouble Jeff not just you.” Chloe snaps before walking away from Jeff coming towards us.

“Let’s just keep on walking.” Chloe said with a tone of irritation in her voice as she walked past me.

After walking for a long period of time, I decided to glance at my watch flashing the light on it; it was 2 A.M.

“Jeff, I thought you said you were taking us back to the camp site?” Emily said annoyed. “My feet are killing me” she groans sitting down on a log rubbing one of her feet.

“Yea. That’s what I am doing.” Jeff said moving his flashlight from side to side to look at our surroundings.  I groaned.

“Seriously Jeff this is ridiculous, first you make us sneak out of our tents and now we are lost!” Chloe tells exasperated.  Jeff turns scowling deeply at her.

“Okay don’t fight you guys. That isn’t going to solve anything. Why don’t we just look at a map?” Shawn says calmly walking to Jeff opening up his back pack looking for a map.  I heavily sigh and turn deciding to walk around to see if I there is some sort of landmark that could lead us in the right direction.

I had the flash light pointing to the ground to look where I was walking. After a few minutes something caught my eye; I pointed the flashlight to get a better look. My eyes slowly widened as I took in a sharp breath before finally managed out a loud scream.

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