34. Misunderstood Text Message

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Author's Note

Hi people! How are you all doing? Anyways, i would like to dedicate this chapter to @writetospeak even though i have alrady done that before. Hopefully she won't find it annoying LOL. I just want to decate this to her because she is one of the people who inpsired me to write on here. i do write but just mostly in my journal never in a place where someone else could actually read it. Although, now i do regret not writing on here earlier because it is so much fun designing the plot and all of the little detials.

Thank you so much to all of you who have read so far. PLEASE leave a comment below and tell me what you think of my story. Give me a follow i am open to meeting any new friends. Love ya!!! xoxoxox

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Now onto the chapter!!! yay!!!

Harry POV

                I felt my phone vibrate as the lads and I were getting something to drink for the girls at the punch table. I opened my suit jacket and pulled out my phone from my inside pocket. I opened the text message and saw that it was from Elizabeth telling me that she was going outside to meet Emily and Chloe. I placed my phone back into my pocket and picked up the two cups that I have filled up and walked back to our table with the guys behind me.

                As I approached our table I saw the girls talking to Emily and Chloe, I placed the drinks down and furrowed my eyebrows. “Hey girls” I said looking at them.

Emily and Chloe broke their conversation with the girls and looked at me with a smile. “Hey Harry, where’s Elizabeth we have been looking for her”

I scowled more at them, confused. “What do you mean where she is? You texted her saying to meet you two outside” I said anxiously.

Emily shook her head. “No I left my phone back at the car, the battery was dead” I pulled my gaze away from Emily and turned to look at Louis. He nodded at me and I turned around walking out of the gym. I pulled my phone out to reread the text message that Elizabeth sent me.

“If she isn’t with Emily and Chloe where is she?” Niall asked .I shook my head at him . “If it wasn’t Emily who texted her than who did?”

“I don’t know but we have to find her Niall” I said walking down the hall looking around.

“Okay, well she said she was going outside so that could be our best bet” Niall said walking fast to keep up with my pace. I quickly ran down the hall to the entrance of the school. I busted through the double doors and walked down the steps and scanned my eyes around the parking lot.

“Where can she be?” I asked running my hand through my hair in exasperation.

“We’ll find her Harry, don’t worry.” Niall says as the door opened behind him and the gang walk out.

“This has Dominic written all over it” Zayn says shaking his head. I looked up at him and gave him a scowl. “Sorry. That didn’t help either”

“Yea, no kidding” Louis said shaking his head at him.

Elizabeth’s POV

                As I walked towards the field, not all of the field lights were turned on; just a few so they are wouldn’t look so bleak. I placed my phone back into my clutch and crossed my arms over my chest feel shivers run all over my skin. I should have brought my jacket; then again I didn’t know I would have to be outside.  I saw a shadow walk towards me; I couldn’t really tell who it was. I’m assuming that it was either Emily or Chloe because who else would be outside in this weather.

“There you are” I said picking my pace up a little. “Why did you want to meet outside?”

There was no answer but the person kept walking towards me. I stopped walking and narrowed my eyes a bit trying to adjust my eyes to see if I could make out who it was.  “Emily? Is that you?” I asked my voice failing me coming out more quiet than I actually wanted to. “Chloe?”

Again, there was no answer and I could feel my anxiety start to kick in.  I took deep breaths not wanting to lose control and have a panic attack because they are awful to endure.  

Eleanor’s POV

                The guys left to go look for Elizabeth, as soon as they left Emily and Chloe left our table to go dance with their boyfriends.  Sophia, Perrie and I quickly grabbed our purses and made our way through the crowd of dancing bodies in the middle of the gym floor to go help look for Elizabeth.

“Alright, Harry said that she texted him saying that Emily asked to go meet her outside. I assume that the guys headed to the parking lot,  we should check the  back way of the school” I said pulling my phone out texting Louis telling him where we were going. We quickly walked down the hall to the back entrance of the school that leads outside to the field.

“There she is!” Sophia said pointing and you could barely see her blue dress with the lack of lights that were casting onto the field. Sophia grabbed her phone and called Liam while we made our way towards her. As we got closer I noticed someone else was with her and my heart started to beat fast. Whoever was with her grabbed her by the neck and threw her onto the ground and she yelped. The three of us gasped and ran as fast as we could in our heels towards her.

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