33. Is this Trouble?

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Harry’s POV

“Harry, remember what Dominic said to you” Niall said in a serious tone and I rolled my eyes. I know what he said I can remember things. I love the lads but I hate when they have to be on my case the whole time.

“I know what he said” I said under my breath to Niall and Louis.  I felt someone tap on my shoulder; I turned my head and looked at Elizabeth.

“I’m going to go to the restroom” She said and I nodded turning my attention back onto the lads.

“It doesn’t matter what he says anymore. We had a deal and I have kept my bargain. I have made my choice” I paused looking at the worried expression on their faces. “Look, I know what my choices are and I made one. I am happy with the choice that I have made, I couldn’t be happier” I said with a shrug leaning back in my chair.

“Yea, but what if he gets upset once he finds out” Louis says to me raising his eyebrows.

“I think he already did” Zayn chimed in and we all turned to look at him as he came and stood next to me. He handed me a small piece of paper.


You and I both know that I am not a patient man. I understand that you had two choices and you chose one. However, that does not mean that I am happy with it. You are capable of many things. There is a price for the choice that you have made and you will soon learn what I am capable of.     –D


I scowled and looked up at the lads and handed them the note. I leaned back in my chair and folded my arms over my chest. “He never plays fair does he?”

“It’s Dominic, he never plays fair.” Louis said placing his elbows onto the table. “So is this trouble?”

“I don’t know” I said shaking my head trying to make sense of things.

Elizabeth’s POV

I checked my hair and makeup in the mirror fixing a lose bobby pin in my hair. I smoothed out my dress then walked out of the bathroom.  As I walked down the hall I heard my phone beep, I stopped in my tracks and opened my small clutch bag and took my phone out.  I looked at the name and saw that it was Emily.


From: Emily

                Hey girl, are you here at the formal? Chloe and I are outside, come meet us! We are at the field.J xoxo


                TO: Emily

                                Yea, see ya in a sec J xoxo

I pressed send and turned around to walk to the back entrance of the school. I walked to the field as I got closer I decided to text Harry just so he won’t be worried that I am taking too long.

                TO: Harry Xx.

                Babe, Emily texted me she is outside with Chloe. I’m going to go see her. Love ya! Xoxo  

Author's Note

I do not want to seem rude or anything. I love you all so much. However, i will not be posting anymore chapters until i get your input on it. I am really enjoying writing fro all of you. I am sorry that i tmay be going slow but trust me it will get better. Please give me yor input soon down in the comments soon because i'd really like for all of you to see what i have in store! i love you all so much! please vote and share..maybe give me a follow? Love ya!!! xoxxoxo

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