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Author's Note

Guys, i am so truly sorry that some of you can not see my chapters. i am trying to figure out how to fixe them. Some peole tell me that they can see them and other can't and are not allowed to vote for some reason. I truly am so sorry. Some of my friends have recommended me to tell you that if you are using the app to read this than just unistall it and install it again. Or just remove my story from your library than just add it again. 

I am aware that wattpad is having some issues right now on the app and on the website as well. They are having issues with notifications of story updates, voting and etc. They are trying to fix the problem right now at the moment. 

Again, i am really sorry that some of you cant see some of my chapters especially number 70, 71, and 72. However, even with this issue it wont stop me form writting. i will continue on writing and hopefully sooner or late you will all be able to see my chapters. Sorry if this is such a long author note but i had to let all of you know what is going on. Thank you for your patience. I love you!!!

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