57. What Now?

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Elizabeth’S POV

The past couple of days my mom has helped us sneak out and go out on dates together without my dad knowing. I am pretty surprised that she chose my side for a change, now I know that she actually does care even though they have a hard way of showing it.

“Harry, I really am sorry about my dad. I really don’t understand why he is being so difficult” I said as we climbed out of his car in front of my house.

“It’s alright babe. It will all be okay, I promise. “ He smiled at me and grabbed my face between his hands and kissed my forehead.  I smiled happily looking at the rose that I was in my hands.

“I just hate that something always happens to us. I feel like no matter what we do it’s like no one wants us to be together” I said shaking my head at him. He placed his hands on my upper arm stroking them softly trying to calm me down.

Harry placed one of his hands under my chin giving my lower lip a tug with his thumb so I would release it from between my teeth. “I love you and I will do anything to keep you. If that means I have to stop doing what I like to do than so be it” he ran his thumb gently on my lower lip, my heart melted at his words. I stood on my toes and pressed my lips placing my hands on his shoulders feeling him place his above my waist.  We both pulled away at the same time, holding a steady loving gaze.

“Elizabeth what are you doing?” My dad’s voice echoed out as he slammed the front door and walked down the porch steps walking towards us. “Get inside” he order.

 I could feel my heart start to rise, if Harry loses his temper only God knows what could happen. Harry was holding onto my hand and I glanced up at him. He was staring at my dad impassively, calm even.  

“Elizabeth, I am not going to ask you again” He said narrowing his eyes and me then moved over to look at Harry. “You, if I ever see you with my daughter again-“

“Dad, please if you would just listen and-“ I plea but he waved his hand signaling me to stop.

“This is my final word Elizabeth. Now, go inside or I will call the police to come and get him” He said pointing a finger at Harry. What? How could he threaten us, but worse his own daughter? I may be over exaggerating but all of this is unfair.

Harry moved his gaze from me and turned to look at my ad. “Sir, I am not trying to disrespect you but I really care for your daughter. Please just give ma chance and you’ll see what kind of person I really am and-“

“This is my final word. Now, get inside Elizabeth” he demanded and I rolled my eyes but deep inside me I wanted to cry. I know that later I will, it was just a matter of time. 

I looked at Harry and he motioned me with his head for me to go. I gave him a small nod and reached up and pecked his lip. He gave my hand a squeeze before releasing it.  My dad waited for me to start walking before he could follow behind me. As my dad closed the front door behind us I heard Harry start his car and drive off.

“Dad, this is so unfair and you know it!” I yelled at him in annoyance. I need to find my mom so she could speak to him.

“Mom, where are you?” I yelled as I climbed up the stairs with my dad hot on my tail.

“I’m in your room putting your laundry away!” she called back echoing against the walls. I walked down the hall and into my bedroom , she was sitting on my bed folding clothes taking them out of the white laundry basket in front of her.

“Mom, talk to dad”

Harry’s POV

“What am I going to do guys?” I asked shaking my head sitting on the front yard of Niall’s house. Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn where sitting around me their legs out in front of them.

“Mate, I don’t think you can really do anything” Zayn said with a shrug.

Liam nodded. “Yea, I mean that’s how her dad is you can’t really change anything”

“This just isn’t fair you guys.” I mumbled looking down at the ground trying to think of something to do to convince her father.

“I agree, it isn’t fair but most dads are like that” Niall responded back and I shook my head.

I looked up at them. “Well, I am not letting her go that easily. What does that say about me?” Niall nodded.

“Okay” He paused and turned to look at the other lads. “See? This is how boyfriends are” he mumbled at them shaking his head then looked at me. “Haz, if you keep on insisting and sneaking around it’s just going to put her in more trouble”

I gave him a nod. “Yes, but if I don’t keep on insisting ,her father will have another reason for him to say that I don’t deserve her” I scowled at them. “And then what?” I shrugged.  

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