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Hey everybody! i do feel bad that some of you cannot see the chapters. I am doing my best to fix the problem thank you so much to my readers who have been so patient with me. i love you all soooooo much. 

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 Elizabeth's POV

 I kept on begging him to stop but I started to feel numb and drowsy as I miserably attempted to cause him pain by hitting his back with my small fists. With each strike i made, my arms started to feel heavier.  I sobbed starring at the car ceiling as he pounded into me crying out in pain every once and a while.

 Jason leaned down and kissed me moving inside me tugging on my lower lip. He moved down and kissed my chest spreading my legs wider. For some reason I am thankful that I still have my bra on even though at this point it shouldn't matter.

 Jason thrusted into me a few times before pulling out and tugged his boxers back on.

 "Maybe now you know that when I say something I meant it " Jason said in a husky voice grabbing me by my chin pressing his fingers roughly against my skin. I looked up at him and nodded weakly with a tear stained face. I heard the car door open and Jason was roughly pulled out by his arm and I heard him groan.

 I slowly sat up and pulled my panties on with shaking hands.

Liam's POV

Harry flashed himself down the street to the car and all of us followed. Harry opened the car door, it made a crackle sound indicating that he broke the lock. Harry blink and stood there shocked looking at the scene in front of him. He reached in  grabbing a guy by the arm and tossed him onto the dark pavement.

 I walked to the other side of the car and opened the door seeing Elizabeth only in her bra and panties her legs folded to her chest sobbing into her hands.  I know I should look away but she needs my help. I gently placed my hand on her arm and she yelped.

 "No please! Please no more!" She begged, tearing at my heart.

 "No Ellie. Its me, Liam" I told her softly and she slowly pulled her hands away from her face to look at me.

 "Liam!" She said and reached over wrapping her arms around my neck.

 "We've got you, its okay" I soothed rubbing her back.

 "Here give her my sweater" Louis said walking over shrugging it off and handed it to me.

 I helped her place on Louis's  sweater and got her out of the car. She looked over at Harry and sniffled. Harry was kicking Jason's stomach and punching him in the face. My attention was brought back onto Elizabeth when I saw her starting to fall. I caught her in my arms and pulled her up.

 "Elizabeth" I said looking at her, her eyes were dropping. "Elizabeth, look at me!"  She tried standing up but its like her legs couldn't support her weight. I picked her up in my arms resting her head on my chest.

 "Harry, she's fading fast!" I said walking around the car. Harry looked at Elizabeth who was starting to go unconscious.

 "What the fuck did you give her!" Niall yelled kicking him in the stomach. Jason coughed up blood and didn't answer.

 Harry grabbed him by the arm and slammed him on the side of the car. "What did you give her ass whole!" He yelled holding him by his neck.

 "Just - some sleeping pills" Jason said struggling out the words. Harry released him and punched him in the face causing him to fall back onto the ground.

 Harry rolled his eyes and walked toward me and Elizabeth.

 "There completely safe" Jason said sitting up.

 "They better be for your sake" Harry growled and took Elizabeth out of my arms.

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