29. Preparations

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Elizabeth’s POV

The next day at school everyone was mostly focusing on the winter formal tonight.  It is now our lunch period, Eleanor, Sophia, Perrie and I have decided to carry our food outside to go sit on the grass. We found a nice looking spot in the middle of the field. I sat down smoothing out my skirt while the rest of the girls sat beside me forming a small circle.

“I am so excited for tonight!” Sophia said taking a sip of her orange juice.

“Yea I am too” I agreed taking a bite of my apple and chewed before swallowing.

“Hey girls!” Liam said walking out to us with the rest of the lads as they all sat down next to their girlfriends.  Harry sat beside me and kissed my cheek and I smiled.

He looked amazing in his school uniform. He had black dress pants and shoes, a white buttoned shirt with a tie around his collar and his blue school blazer with the school logo on the chest pocket.

“So are you girls ready for tonight?” Louis asked taking a fry from Eleanor’s tray and popping it into his mouth. Eleanor gave him a look and he just smirked at her. I giggled and nodded.

A few minutes have gone by and we all started to make small conversations amongst each other. Harry and I were talking to each other about what time he would be picking me up for the formal. I broke my gaze from Harry and turned my head to look back and the gang. Louis had his arms wrapped around Eleanor kissing her cheek several times.

“I know what you are trying to do Louis” Eleanor said shaking her head with a small smile, we all turned our attention to them to see what was going on.

“What are you talking about?” Louis said pulling away to look down at her.

“You are trying to butter me up so you can go to my place while the girls and I are getting ready for the formal” Eleanor said with a shrug picking up her water bottle from the floor and took a drink.

“Damn it” Louis murmured under his breath crossing his arms over his chest with a small scowl on his face.

“It is girls only!” Perrie said pointing a finger at him.

“Awe but it is not fair! You girls always take too long to get ready. We will be done right away .What are we supposed to do at Louis and Harry’s flat in the meantime.” Niall said giving us his best puppy dog eyes.

I shook my head. “Sorry Niall. Rules are the rules, you can’t be there while we are changing and getting ready. What kind of reveal would it be if you see us while we are making our selves presentable?”

“Fine” the boys agreed at the same time with little enthusiasm.

After school, the girls and I headed to Eleanor’s house to get ready. She quickly opened the door to her house and we all walked in taking off our coats and placing them onto the couch. Eleanor locked the door behind us and then led us upstairs to her room.

Everyone was doing each other’s hair and makeup. Perrie and I were in the bathroom using the mirror there while Sophia and Eleanor used the dresser in the bedroom to get ready.

“Just this last strand and you will be done!” I said holding the curling iron in my hand waiting a couple of seconds before releasing the clap and letting loose of her strand of hair. I grabbed the curl and wrapped it around my fingers to help it curl a bit more then let it go.  “There all done” I said looking at her through the mirror and he eyes lit up.

“Wow, my hair has never looked this nice!” She said standing up leaning a bit closer to the mirror running her hands through her hair. “Thank you so much!” she said smiling widely at me and quickly wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. I giggled.

“You’re welcome” I said when she pulled away.

She placed her hands on my shoulders pushing me down onto the chair. “Now it’s your turn to get dolled up!”

I smiled at her. “Just don’t make me look stupid” I whispered.

“Did you forget who you are talking to? Do not worry about that. No one will think that you look stupid or ugly when I am done with you.” She said picking up a brush from the counter top running it through my hair. “Even if they did, I guess I’ll have to kill them” she said looking at me through the mirror locking her eyes with mine then we both let out a laugh.

Eleanor’s POV

Sophia and I were all dolled up and ready, all that I had left to do was place on my heels. I sat on my bed and placed on a heel after the other then walked over to the mirror and stood next to Sophia. We both checked that everything is into place and then walked out of the bedroom turning off the light.

“Do you think Perrie and Ellie are done?” she asked as we walked down the hall.

“They better because the boys will be here any minute” I said as I knocked on the bathroom door.

“Come in!” Perrie yelled from the other side and I opened the door, both Sophia and I gasped. They both looked so beautiful.  Perrie was making the final touches on Elizabeth’s hair. Elizabeth was sitting in a chair already in her dress facing away from the mirror.

“Okay all done! Are you ready?” Perrie asked looking down at Elizabeth over her shoulder and Elizabeth nodded.  Elizabeth stood up from her chair and turned to look into the mirror and her jaw dropped.

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