1. First day glances, Lead to profound relationships

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 Elizabeths's POV

  Ugh! I absolutely despise school days, it's always the same routine and the same people. Can't things change?

 I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock at 6:30 a.m. I hesitantly climb out of bed and head to the bathroom to change into the clothes that I picked out the night before. I set the clothes down on the counter and looked at myself in the mirror.  My hair was a mess and I looked so pale.

I quickly changed into my short floral dress and a pair of white toms. I grabbed my hair brush and started to brush out the knots in my hair. I decided to let my wavy hair down today, to cascade over my back and down my shoulders, parted through the middle. My makeup was kept to a minimal, I don't like that some girls cake on makeup all the time. I mean this is just my opinion , but can't they see that instead of making them look good it actually has the opposite effect. Don't get me wrong I'm all for it every now and again but to do it everyday is not good for your skin. Besides, they still look beautiful even without it.

After I was done, I headed downstairs for breakfast, holding a thin sweater in my hand, only to find  a note on the island in the middle of the empty kitchen.


 I'm sorry for not being here in the morning but your father and I had a business meeting to attend to across town. We will be back for dinner, have a good day at school.

 Love,  Mom.

I set the note back down on the counter and rolled my eyes. "As usual." I said out loud and sighed heavily.

Well there is no use in being upset about it, it won't really change anything. I have been on my own at home usually all the time due to my parent's success. My mom is a published author and my day is a CEO. The best part of having wealthy parents is that we see so many different places; however, there are a lot of down sides as well. We are all followed by people trying to get our pictures and end up in magazines. It wouldn't really bother me much if they didn't spread rumors about me or follow me around while I am driving by myself. Honestly, grown men following a 17 year old, shouldn't that be considered illegal?


I was sitting at a lunch table surrounded by my friends; I sat in between Jeff and Shawn and across form the table was Emily and Chloe.

 "So have you seen the new kid? He is so hot!" Chloe said looking straight at me.

 "No I haven't." I said taking a drink of my bottle water. I looked up and saw a guy sitting alone with his tray of food at the table in front of us and blinked,  confused, cause he was looking at me. His stare made me feel nervous deep in my stomach. Chloe followed my glance and quickly turned back around.

 "That's him, Harry Styles" Chloe said with a huge smile on her face.

 "He is a strange kid. I have had him for most of my classes. He really has that mysterious thing going on." Jeff said with a mouthful of pizza causing me to laugh.

 "Are you kidding? That guy is amazing! He is one of the best boxers in the country. People around here are afraid of him already." Shawn said his eyes lit up with pure admiration.

 "Well just because he looks bad, it doesn't actually mean that he is." I said defending trying to distract from my heated pink cheeks. But it's true they don't even know him. A few minutes later the bell rang excusing us to our next class.

I walked into my final class which was English. To be honest I do enjoy this class more than others but that is only because i love writing. I walked over to my usual seat near the middle of the row next to the window. I pulled out the chair from under neath the black surfaced table and sat down before getting out my notebook and pen from my bag ready for class to begin. I stared out the window twirling my pen in my hand gazing out at the rain clouds floating away, a few beams of sun were shining through them. Few drops of rain feel from the leaves off the trees and the roof as it slowly began to dry, well for now because in the UK you never know what the weather was going to be.

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