3. Inexplicable Things

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Harry's POV

Mr. Stewart and Mr. Johnson made us hike up a trail then stop in the middle of a clean patch of grass to set up our tents and let me tell you that setting up tents is not easy. Well at least for Elizabeth they weren't.

I walked over to Elizabeth once I was done with mine, she was on her knees on the floor trying to put up the tent. It was standing but it was not stable.

"Elizabeth do you need help?" I asked watching her with my arms crossed over my chest.

"No I got it Harry" She said fiddling with one of the posts. "There I am done!" she said smiling and I just smirked at her shaking my head.

"Elizabeth you are not done. The tent isn't stable" I said and she gave me a glare.

"The tent isn't stable" She said mimicking my voice making air quotes with her fingers.

"Its standing isn't it" she mutters opening the tent.  Fine I'll let you find out yourself and with that I started to walk away to my tent and place my things inside smirking to myself.

"Three..two..one" I whispered then on cue I hear a scream. I looked outside my tent and climbed out.

"Help!" Elizabeth said and I laughed at her loudly along with a few of our friends. The tent fell on top of her tangling her inside.

"Oh my God the tent ate her!" Jeff said teasing her and laughing holding his stomach. I moved over and helped her out of the tent.

"So do you want my help now?" I asked her as she stood up and punched my arm playfully.

"Fine Mr. Fix it" She said and I laughed kneeling down and setting up the tent.

"Actually I'm Mr. Styles" I smirk and smirk and she just looked at me with a small smile on her face her arms over her chest.

I finished setting up her tent and stood up. She thanked me and walked over to Chloe and Emily a few feet away. I looked around and saw Mr. Stewart and Mr. Johnson explaining to the other students where we will be hiking. I started to walk over to Elizabeth looking at her deep in a conversation with her friends.

I turned my head to the side glancing at the trees. Something caught my eye in the trees a few feet away from us, my necklace turned red and I glanced at it before I looked back into the trees; scowling at the dim shadow.

Elizabeth's POV

I turned around to look for Harry and saw him standing a few feet away from us.

"Hey Harry" I said as I walked over to him. He didn't even acknowledged that I was there he kept looking passed me with a cold gaze.

"Harry!" I said and he blinked and looked at me. "What are you looking at?" I said turning my head to the direction he was looking at before but saw nothing. I looked back at him confused.

"Nothing. Just admiring the scenery" He said placing a smile on his face but it wasn't that convincing. I open my mouth to ask him what's wrong but  I was beat to the punch.

"Kids, grab your water and everything else you think you might need and let's go on our hike." Mr. Stewart said standing in the middle of the circle of students who were conversing among themselves. Everyone quickly turn doing as they were told.

"Come on lets go." Harry grabs his water following Mr. Stewart. Emily, Chloe, Shawn and Jeff quickly tailed behind him. I stood there a bit lost; my mind racing as to why he looked so upset if there was nothing there. I grabbed my water and followed them.

Author's Note

Thank you so much for reading. I am really enjoying writing for all of you. It may seem kind of boring but trust me it will get better!


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