7. What is that?

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Elizabeth’s POV

I opened my mouth and screamed. The site in front of me was truly horrifying. It was a body but it was in pieces all over the ground, all bloody and dismantled.

“Elizabeth!” I hear someone yell but I was too shocked to move. Tears were running down my face; my heart was pounding so fast that it was impossible to count the beats.

“Elizabeth!” Chloe shook me before scanning me over. “Are you okay? What happened?” she ask before turning her head to where I was pointing. Everyone looked and gasped at the horrific site.

“What could –“  Shawn started to say but he was interrupted by a loud growl, sending shivers down my spine. We all quickly turned around pointing our flashlights in the direction where the noise came from but saw nothing.

“What the hell was that?!” Emily says her voice edged with panic; clinging onto Shawn as he had and arm around her.

“I don’t know but come on you guys let’s get out of here” Jeff said nudging us forward to the path towards the camp site.

“Go guys!” Jeff whispered urging us to move and started running.

We all ran for our lives,as our feet dug into the sticky muddy ground trying to get away from whatever was following us. Another loud screeched echoed out making us pick up our pace.

“Don’t look back guys! Just keep on running!”  Shawn yelled.

As we ran I did not pay any attention to anything else. I ran and ran without looking behind me.

This is not the way that I imagined my death; not that I wanted to die anytime soon. There is so much that I would still like to do and achieve like graduate university, or write my first novel, and maybe get married and start a family.

After a while of begging my burning legs to keep on running, I stop no longer hearing the same scary noises behind us. I lick my lips breathing heavily trying to get air flowing back into my dying lungs, turning around to check on the guys but there was no one there.

Emily’s Pov

We came to a stop oncewe reached the campsite seeing Mr. Stewart and Mr. Johnson looking around for us along with the rest of our group. Mr. Stewart glanced up scowling at us as we all heaved for air holding onto our knees and stomachs.

“Where the hell were you kids!” Mr. Stewart started to say but his expression softened when he acknowledge our conditions.

“What happened?” Mr. Stewart frowns walking towards us along with Mr. Johnson.

“We went out for a walk..we…were on our way back and Elizabeth she-“  I said through my heavy breathing.

“Wait." Chloe says. I divert my eyes to her as she looked around us. "Where is Elizabeth?"

“She must have gotten out of the group along the way.” Shawn says desperately drinking  from his water bottle; a trail of water falling down the side of his mouth down to his sweaty shirt.

“We have to find her!” I say starting to walk back from where we came but Mr. Johnson held me back.

“No one is going in there until you all tell me what the hell happened.” Mr. Johnson scowls gently released my arm.

“Like Emily was saying, we went for a walk and then Elizabeth found a body and then we heard a growl from some sort of animal and we ran here. I guess she got lost along the way." Shawn said.

“What? How could you lose sight of Elizabeth!” Harry says out of no where. I glance in his direction seeing him glaring at Shawn and Jeff.

“Styles, calm down we will find her.”Mr. Stewart interjects raising his hand up signaling him to stay calm.

“Alright, all of you kids pick up all the tents and bags and load them into the bus while Mr.Stewart and I go look for Elizabeth. We will call the rangers so they can call the police about the body.” Mr. Johnson instructs. Everyone nodded and quickly started to gather everything up.

“That’s the plan?" Harry says in disbelief." Just two people are going to go look for her while something that can kill her is out there!” He scowls, balling his hands into fists on either side of him.

“Yes Harry! We cannot let any one of you get lost or get hurt!” Mr. Johnson spat back at him.

Harry groaned and started to walk past our teachers heading towards the trail from where we came. Once his intention was shown Shawn and Jeff quickly grabbed onto one of his arms to hold him back.

“Harry Styles you are going to stay here even if you like it or not!” Mr. Stewart yelled at him sternly with a scowl on his face.  Mr. Stewart waved his hand at Mr. Johnson telling him to come with him to go look for Elizabeth.

I glanced at Harry and you could see that he was fuming. What is his problem he just met Elizabeth. Why would he risk himself getting killed? Harry ignored his orders and kept on pulling at the hold that Shawn and Jeff had on him.

After a while Harry grew even more upset and  fed up managing to elbow Shawn causing him to loosen his grip before pushing Jeff onto the ground quickly sprinting away.

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