94. Water Fun

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Author's Note

Hello! i have decided to update again and i thing i will still update a couple of more depending on the chapter because i feel like in a way i didn't write enough for you guys. 

please play song on the side, i know it may not fit but i was just listening to it while i was writing. LOL. I will take your suggestions into consideration so keep on suggestions songs!

P.S: Do you guys have any ship name suggestiosn for Harry and Ellie (Elizabeth)?

love you!!

Elizabeth’s POV

The girls and I quickly changed into our swim wear putting on sunscreen. Sophia was wearing an all-white bikini. Perrie was wearing a black bikini with pink designs all over it. Eleanor was wearing a navy blue one and I was wearing a navy blue bikini with white pocca dots.

The guys were already outside; they had placed the table up already in the middle of white paved floor by the grill. Niall and Zayn were getting the grill running all of their ingredients and tools placed out on the sculptured blue marbled counter. Right in the middle of the eating area there was a small round fireplace to make a bonfire, but that was for later.

I placed two towels on one of the lounge chairs, one for Harry and one for me. Perrie pulled the other lounge chairs closer to we could all be together. Liam walked over to the stereo turning it on with the small black remote, music coming out from the huge black speakers that were attached to it.

“Alright, time to have fun!” He grinned. Louis and Liam ran onto the dock and jumped off landing into the water causing a huge splash. The girls laughed at them and jumped in once the Louis and Liam had surfaced. I giggled taking my sunglasses off placing them on top of the towels.

“Come on, Elizabeth jump in!” Sophia said brushing her long beautiful hair back with her fingers.

“No way” I said shaking my head making my way onto the wooden dock.

“I’ll be here to catch you if you want?” Liam said holding his arm up making his way closer to me. I shook my head. Liam pursed his lips together trying to hide a smile. “Okay, but if you don’t get in now at your own personal will, you will get in the water the hard way.” he warned.

I scoffed. “Liam, you can’t make me get in the water. “I shook my head crossing my arms over my chest. I mean really, he can’t make me. “Even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to because your already in it.”

“Okay, have it your way then” he smiled moving his way back over to Sophia. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

“You can’t make me” I shook my head, proudly. I walked back over to Niall and Zayn who were heating up the hotdogs on the grill

“So, how’s it going?” I asked.

“Fine” Zayn replied.

Niall smiled up at me “They will be ready soon”

“They better be chief Horan” I teased. “Cause I’m hungry!” I whined. Zayn chuckled shaking his head flipping the hotdog around.

I glanced around looking for Harry but didn’t see him. I pouted and turned back over to Niall and Zayn.

“Where’s Haz?” I asked.

“He’s inside grabbing some things” Zayn smiled with a small shrug.

I sighed. “Okay” I said and walked over to my lounge chair and sat down opening up my magazine. I flipped through the pages occasionally looking over at the lads who were fooling around in the water. Right now, they were playing chicken. Funny, I always thought people only played that in a pool.

I gasped feeling two arms wrap around me and tossed me onto their shoulder. I immediately recognized who it was. “Harry, put me down!” I said holding myself in place, my hands on his waist.

“No, you are getting in the water!” he said walking us onto the dock.

“What? NO!” I squealed as he grabbing me in his arms and immediately wrapped my arms around his neck holding on for dear life.

“Harry, no!” I laughed feeling nervous butterflies moving around in the deep part of my belly.

“If you hold on any tighter, I won’t be able to breathe love” Harry chuckled taking the final steps that led to the end of the dock.

“Harry, no please!” I begged, kicking my legs.

“One…” he said starting to swing me.

“No, Harry!” I yelled.

“Toss her in mate!” Niall yelled.

“NOOOO!” I yelled tightening my grip around his neck leaning closer into his chest.

“Two…” Harry teased, swinging me again.

“No, Harry!” I paused and looked up at him. Harry was smiling down at me a few strains of his hair falling onto his forehead.

“If I am going in the water, you are coming with me” I whimpered, pouting at him playfully. Harry leaned down and pecked my lips.

“Ew!” Louis complained. I turned my head to look at all of them who were scattered around in the water.

“Stop making out and toss her in the damn water!” Liam shouted, tilting his head back clearly losing his patience. However, I know he is just joking.  I glanced up at Harry and he smirked.

“Three!” Harry said and jumped in with me in his arms. I screamed.

Harry’s POV

I swam up to the surface and smiled turning around to face Elizabeth but she wasn’t there.

“Elizabeth?” I asked, pushing my hair away from my face. I still didn’t see her.

“Ellie?” I asked starting to get concerned, spinning around looking for her. Suddenly, I was pulled down into the water and I swam back up.

I pushed my hair away from my face spitting out water. “What the hell!”

I saw Elizabeth surface a few inches away from me and she laughed pushing her hair away from her face.

“That’s what you get for tossing me in the water!” She smiled I splashed water in her face.

“Hey!” she whined. “It’s not my fault you got scared” she pouted at me, showing off her beautiful brown eyes. I moved to stand closer to her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Hot dogs are ready!” Zayn yelled.

“Finally!” Perrie sang and climbed up the later, the rest of the gang followed her. I glanced down at Elizabeth. 

“I’m sorry” she pouted. I chuckled and kissed her cheek then her nose, and her eyes and all over her face. She giggled, trying to push me away. I grabbed her face and kissed her feeling beads of water coated on her lips.

“Guys, seriously stop making out!” Louis whined.

“Yes, I am eating!” Eleanor added. I rolled my eyes and helped Elizabeth climb up the small latter. Geez, can’t I kiss my girlfriend without getting interrupted?

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