95. Butterflies

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Author's Note

Hey, here is another update just because i have nothing else to do lol. So what do you guys think of the ship name Hellie? it does hav a double meaning if you truly think about it. Anyways please comment, vote, share and enjoy. 

song on the side, i know it doesn't go with the scene but i will just be adding random songs sometimes just because i enjoy them!

Elizabeth’s POV

Harry and I made our way to the table and sat in the only two available chairs that were left. Several hotdogs were placed in the giant try in the middle of the table along with other ingredients we might want to add. 

“Does anyone want soda?” Zayn asked standing by the cooler.

“Yes, please babe” Perrie smiled at him, cleaning her mouth with her napkin. Zayn grabbed a couple of sodas and set them down on the table.

Once I finished eating, I got up and grabbed my towel wrapping it around myself. I pushed all of my damp hair back and stood next to Harry who was still eating. I smiled down at him and he looked up at me.

“What?” he asked chewing his bite, I giggled.

“You have mayonnaise on your face.” I told him and he smiled at me and cleaned his mouth with his napkin.

Eleanor stood up from her chair and walked over to me.

“Ellie, check this photo I took of the both of you earlier today when Harry was being lazy” she brushed her fingers on the screen then showed me the picture and I smiled.

“Sent it to me?” I asked handing back her phone. She smiled and nodded her head, it’s going to be my new wallpaper (PICTURE IS ON THE SIDE!)

“I’m going to go change, I’m kind of cold” I said and headed inside sliding open the glass door.

Once I reached my room, I grabbed some sweats from my bag and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I place them down on the counter in between the double sinks and walked over to the shower. I held the towel around me with one of my hands and opened the screen door to turn on the double shower heads. There was a knock on the door and I turned around to see who it was.

“Hey babe, you okay?” Harry asked, he was leaning against the door frame in a white t-shirt and black basketball shorts. His arms were crossed over his chest as well as his ankles.

“Oh, yea” I paused. “I’m fine. I just decided on taking a shower because I’m quite cold.” He smiled at me with blazing green eyes.

“What?” I asked tilting my head to the side, grinning at him.

“Nothing” he said simply and stalked his way slowly over to me. He placed his hands on my waist and pecked my lips. I smiled up at him once he pulled away.

“How about we run a bath instead?” he asked rubbing his thumb on my skin on my hip.

“We?” I asked, my voice a bit higher than usual.

“Yes” He chuckled. “But only if you want to.” I bit my lip. It’s not that I don’t want to its’ just…

Harry released me and walked past me and turned off the shower. I had my head down biting my lip. Harry stopped in front of me and placed his hand under my chin.

“What is it, Elizabeth?” He asked, tilting my head up to look at him. “You can tell me.”

“It’s just, I mean if we do that means that you’re going to see me with nothing on and-“

“Babe, it’s not like I haven’t seen you before” he smiled letting out a small breathy laugh.

“Yes, but this time it’s different. I mean before you don’t really pay attention the first time and so now you will and I just-“

“Babe” Harry said and leaned down to look at me in the eyes holding the sides of my face. “I did pay attention the first time and I treasure every moment of it. You should not feel ashamed of yourself or your body with me. You are beautiful my love. I love every little thing about you.” I smiled at him and pecked his lips.

“If you don’t want to, that’s okay. I won’t be upset”

I nodded. “No, it’s okay. “ I paused. “Plus, I think a bath would be more relaxing.

“Alright, I’ll get the water running.” He released me and walked barefooted on the cream tile,  to the white bath tub and turned on the faucet. “Babe, can you please grab me my pajamas?”

“Sure” I smiled and walked out of the bathroom. I am going to take a bath with Harry; thinking about it makes my stomach turn with butterflies in that delicious way.

“Hey, Ellie bellie” Sophia smiled at me reaching the top of the stairs as I walked won the hall.

“Hey Soph” I smiled at her.

“Why did you come inside?”

“I decided to take a bath because I’m cold” I shrugged and stood in front of her.

“Oh, well where’s Harry? Liam wanted to ask him something”

“Bathroom” I stated trying not to sound awkward. She looked at me puzzled then her mouth form an “o” shape ones she understood.

“Well, have fun.” she smiled, giving me a wink before walking back downstairs. I blushed and continue my way into the bedroom.

“The bath is ready, gorgeous!” I hear Harry’s voice coming from down the hall.

“Coming!” I replied and rushed over to his bag quickly grabbing his pajamas.

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