36. Hide me Away

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Author's Note

Hello my loves! just a fair warning prepare yourself for a thriller. This chapter is a bit detailed oriented so do be warned. Love ya all! please vote and comment below Thank you!!!

Elizabeth’s POV

                I screamed watching Harry fight with him. “Mike, don’t you dare touch her!” Harry growled in his face. I kept my eyes on Harry and I could see that his face slowly changed. His eyes turned red and his teeth became sharper, he looked exactly how Mike did before just a bit more extreme. My lip quivered and I took in fast breaths and I quickly turned around to run but I bumped into someone’s chest and I gave out a yelp. I looked up and saw that it was Liam he looked at me and gave me a small smile before passing me over to Eleanor.

Eleanor quickly wrapped her arms around me, Sophia and Perrie pushed my messy hair away from my face.

“Harry stop it!” Niall said slowly making his way towards him Louis and Zayn were standing opposite of him doing the same thing.

“No!” Harry said holding Mike up from his shirt. He turned to look at us and he looked like the devil. “He tried to kill her” he said in a demonic voice and turned his attention back onto Mike tilting his head to the side.  My heart started to pick up it’s pace.

“This isn’t you, mate” Louis whispered to him holding his arms out in front of him. I felt Perrie rub her hand up and down my back. My breath started to become shallower by the second.

“No!” Harry yelled. “A life for a life” Louis placed a hand on his shoulder and Harry roughly pushed him onto the ground.   Liam tried helping him up but Louis just shook his head and stood up by himself.

“You are not taking her away from me!” Harry growled shaking Mike. I kept my eyes on him, as much as I’d like to look away I couldn’t. Tears ran down my cheeks but i barely felt them against my skin. I stared at Harry with wide eyes.

“Harry you are scaring her!” Eleanor yelled at him placing a hand on my cheek trying to turn my face away from him.

Harry ignored Eleanor. “If you say that I am capable of many things then I will give you a demonstration” Harry says with a chuckle barring his teeth. “I’m going to drain every ounce of blood that you have and I will rip your limps into pieces” Harry smiled at down at Mike and he looked terrified.

“Harry no!” Louis yelled at him but Harry already bit into his neck. I screamed and covered my face with my hands feeling a few drops of bloods splatter on me. I heard Mike yell then soon the sound was gone and it was replaced by the sound of bones crushing.

I sobbed and Eleanor pulled my head into her chest hiding me away.  “Shhh, it’s okay.” Eleanor said her voice breaking sounding like she wanted to cry.  It’s okay? It is not okay!

I felt someone else place their hand onto my shoulder and I jumped. “Its me, Liam” Liam said softly at me and I slowly turned my head to look at him.

“Let’s take her to my place, so I can clean her up” Eleanor said and Liam nodded at her.  I looked up, preparing myself to see a dismantled body but the three of us were the only ones on the field.

“I’ll take you” He said giving me a small nod. He looked at me holding his arms out asking for permission to touch me and I nodded. He placed one of his arms underneath my legs and the other onto my back and lifted me up. 

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