103. Dark Confessions

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Elizabeth’s POV

I stood in place, my eyes going back and forth between Dominic and Harry trying my best not to cry. Deep down, I really wanted to. I feel so guilty for not wanting to listen to my dad, now all I have to show for my pride is his death.

Harry rolled his eyes and threw his head back. “What the hell is your problem Dominic?” Harry groaned.

“Are you seriously asking me that question?” Dominic scoffed at him. “Hello!” He yelled waving his hands in front of him. “You ditched me for this” he said and gestured on of his arms towards me. Harry scowled at him.

I giggled. “So what, you’re jealous?”  I smirked at him. Dominic turned to look at me and smiled.

“You know what I don’t like you.” He said taking slow steps towards me. “I don’t like your smart mouth and I especially don’t like your family.” He said and stopped in front of me grabbing me by neck.  “So, if you don’t stop talking I will gladly rip your throat out” He threatened through clenched teeth as I placed my hands over his trying to pry it off, gasping for air.

“Dominic, let her go!” Harry growled.

“I will not hesitate to kill you, because then it would mean that all of my problems would be sorted through, Princess.” He spat, releasing his hold on me making me drop to my knees. I coughed, trying to get air back into my lungs. “But what would be the fun in that if I got rid of you so quickly.” He murmured.

“Look Dominic, just let her go” Harry spat as Dominic roughly grabbed me by my arm setting me quickly onto my feet.

“Who’s side are you on?” Dominic asked.

“There are sides now?” Harry asked his voice raising a few octaves. “Look, I understand that you always say that we are not capable of love. However, you and I both know that is not true”

I swallowed at looked at Dominic. “No, you’re right. I had an Elizabeth myself a while back” he paused and looked down at me. “Which brings me to the other reason why I am here, your father killed my girlfriend.”

Harry’s POV

“You see her name was Caroline and we cared for each other as much as Harry cares for you cupcake” Dominic smiled down at Elizabeth.

“That wasn’t my fault” Elizabeth whimpered with tears in her eyes as Dominic tightened his grip around her arm.

“Your daddy killed her.” He said reaching down grabbing Elizabeth’s chin so she would look up at him. “I don’t think it’s fair that my mate has someone when I don’t. I also don’t think it’s fair that you live either. So I am going to fix that” He scowled at grabbed Elizabeth by her neck again.

“No, don’t!” I screamed. “Dominic, it isn’t her fault”

“Of course it is her fault, her father killed her.”  He said tightening his grip around Elizabeth’s neck, tears started to fall down her face. Elizabeth tugged with her small hands at his grip but it was no use.

“I did it Dominic!” I confessed. Dominic turned his head to look at me.

“What did you say?” he asked, blinking at me.

“I killed her…but I didn’t know it was Caroline” I murmured. Dominic scowled and released Elizabeth and she feel back onto the ground.

Elizabeth’s POV

I glanced up once I heard Harry’s word slip out of his mouth my hand pressed around my neck.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Dominic said slowly taking a step forward.

“I didn’t know it was her. You know me I did a lot of terrible things…it was after I left that I realized it was her” Harry said looking at the ground and I knew he was feeling ashamed.

“You killed her” Dominic stated again as if he was saying more for himself to make sure that he heard him correctly.

“Yes. However, I didn’t do it to make you feel terrible because you had someone and I didn’t. I wasn’t planning on doing what you are doing now.” Harry explained. “I did it because I didn’t care and because it was fun!”

Dominic signaled his men to release Harry and he shrugged them off taking a step towards him.

“Do what you have to do Dominic. You want to kill me. You want to hate me; do it. This is between us, not Elizabeth.”

Liam’s POV

We all hid behind the trees waiting for the right time to step in. Dominic and Harry were having a heated conversation.

“Hey, Eleanor” I whispered and she turned to look at me. I looked back and pointed and Elizabeth who was leaning against a tree her hand around her neck. She nodded at me and flashed over to her.

“Can I get him now?” Louis groaned, glancing at one of the guys who were standing near Elizabeth.

“Yea, let’s all go in” I nodded.

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