Summer Moments: Paint

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Sophie's POV

"Wait, why are we doing this?" I ask cautiously, looking over at Olivia.

"Because we're here to kick ass and take names," she places her safety goggles over her eyes, holding up her paintball gun.

Charlotte is lacing up her combat boots; Lilly is helping Quinn fix her safety vest and Courtney is holding up a compact mirror, drawing lines under her eyes with her eyeliner. She catches me looking at her and smirks, "Hey, if I'm doing this, I have to look the part," she gestures to her camo pants and black long sleeve shirt.

Tessa cocks her paintball gun, "We're taking these assholes down." She's standing at the glass window looking out at the woodsy arena where we'll be playing capture the flag. She's in her own camo pants with a white long sleeve and combat boots. Her hair is in a high ponytail and she has a black bandana tied around her neck with her safety goggles. She is not here for fun, I'll tell you that.

"Okay, but we all know I'm the weakest link, so why am I here?" I ask confused, holding my paintball gun awkwardly.

"We're hoping they'll pity you and leave you alone, which is why you need to get the flag," Tessa informs me, talking about strategies. Oh God, they're going to kill me.

"I'm not feeling very confident about this..." I say nervously.

Olivia marches over to me, tapping my cheek lightly, "Pull yourself together, Soph! We cannot let them win, do you hear me?"

"This is over a movie, you do realize that right?" I ask, trying to tell her how stupid this whole thing is.

Olivia and Tessa gasp, glaring at me, "Just a movie? We're talking about all movies, Sophie, this is serious," Tessa argues.

Charlotte grins, putting her arm around my shoulder, "Don't listen to them Soph, we're just here to have fun," she squeezes my shoulder, "But, this does decide on who gets to pick movies whenever we're out together, so just keep that thought in your mind," she winks, moving to the glass wall.

"We're going to watch that depressing love story that just came out, after we win this," Olivia informs us with her hands behind her back as she walks around the room, staring us down.

I scrunch my eyebrows and my mouth is open slightly, "Wait, none of us even want to watch that movie."

Tessa moves to stand next to Olivia, her face stoic, "Yes Soph, we know. However, I would enjoy watching the boys suffer knowing it was our doing."

"Understandable," Lilly comments with a grin as she lets Courtney draw lines on her face.

A siren goes off in the room, indicating that it's time to head to the doors of the arena. A jolt of panic runs through me and I look around, watching everyone laugh and cheer as they head towards the door.

We're walking towards the open area where we'll be released into the arena when the boys come out of their waiting room, acting rowdy. Olivia rolls her eyes as she stands next to Charlotte. None of the girls are smiling now as the boys line up across from us.

Cole stands next to me with a teasing grin, "Ready Soph?" his eyes are taunting me.

I scoff playfully, "I was born ready, you better watch out." Cole chuckles, raising his hands in surrender.

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