Chapter 41

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"So, we're coming to you guys for Christmas this year, right?" Aunt Jenna asks as we all walk around in the airport.

"Yes, we agreed last year that we're never doing it at your house again," my mom replies, reminding us of the disaster of Christmas dinner last year.

"Okay, nowhere on the box did it say that the dish was not microwavable," Aunt Jenna retorts, pointing her finger in my mother's face.

Sebastian had taken baby Joshua with him, Harry, and the dads to look at souvenirs around the airport. The rest of us girls were sitting in a Starbucks, having girl time.

"Well you don't have to worry this year because Christmas is at mine this year," mom take a sip of her coffee, leaning back in her chair.

"And I want to meet these boyfriends of yours," Aunt Jenna tells us, gesturing to Sophie and I. Tessa just rolls her eyes.

"I cannot handle the fact that three of my oldest babies are dating," my mom sighs, pouting, "I'm getting old."

Aunt Jenna cackles loudly, "Yeah you are! At least my oldest is only eleven," she smooths out Abigail's hair, "I still have a couple of years," she smirks.

"Actually," Abigail puts her chocolate chip cookie down, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Aunt Jenna's face pales slowly.

"Actually, what, little missy?" Aunt Jenna raises her eyebrow at her daughter. Sophie looks over at me with a smirk and I grin back, waiting for the drama. Tessa leans forward, suddenly interested in the conversation.

"There's this boy at school, his name is Mason, and I think he likes me," Abigail grins innocently.

Aunt Jenna leans back staring her daughter down, "You, are too young to think about boys! Could you imagine what your father would say if he heard you? Are you trying to lead me to an early grave?" Aunt Jenna clutches her chest dramatically.

"Boyfriend?" We all whip our heads around, seeing Harry and Sebastian, with baby Joshua in his arms, with shocked faces.

"He is not my boyfriend, we just like each other," she crosses her arms, turning her nose in the air.

"What's his last name?" Harry demands, standing next to her chair with a scowl on his face.

"Where does he live? I just wanna talk," Sebastian asks standing next to Harry.

"You two are impossible," Sophie giggles, rolling her eyes.

"Don't you start with me, Soph. You're lucky I haven't had a chance to meet Aidan yet," Harry threatens.

"Oh please, he would kick your ass," Sophie laughs heartily, I nod my head in agreement.

Harry flips her off and mom yells at him, telling him to go find the dads. He grumbles as he walks away.

"Could you imagine Tessa getting a boyfriend?" Aunt Jenna giggles, watching Sebastian make funny faces at baby Joshua, making him squeal loudly.

"I don't think that'll be too bad, could you imagine Maddie?" my mother asks and we all turn to look at Maddie nibbling on her cookie. She had gotten a cold from being out in the snow too long while we were here.

Sebastian looks at Maddie and then the rest of us, "Yeah, Harry and I have already discussed that issue. Maddie's not dating anyone until she's at least thirty," Sebastian nods, impressed with his genius plan.

"You're too late, I've already had two boyfriends," Maddie rolls her eyes, taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

"Two? What the hell?" Sebastian asks in shock.

"What can I say? I'm popular," she ruffles her hair slightly, smiling brightly at us with a little sniffle.

"Someone bring her back down to earth," my mother pleads, looking at the rest of us in distraught.

The next hour was filled with goodbye hugs and promises of seeing us at Christmas dinner this year. The flight took about six hours and we've all just gotten home, exhausted from the travel. Harry had taken a connecting flight straight to San Francisco so that he wouldn't have to drive all the way there.

Maddie had fallen asleep as soon as we got in the car, so dad had to carry her in, and put her in bed while the rest of us helped with luggage.

"Lottie, Olivia is in the kitchen, she looks pissed," my dad gestures towards the house. I laugh lightly shaking my head and shuffle quickly into the kitchen.

Olivia is sitting on the counter eating Oreos from the cookie jar, more like stuffing them down her throat.

"Okay, I'm worried, what happened?" I ask timidly as I step into the kitchen. She looks up startled, but relaxes once she sees that it's me.

"We need to talk," Olivia replies, ignoring my previous question.

"Are you breaking up with me?" I joke, laughing. She doesn't smile, and my face turns serious. "What is it?"

"We have an issue with a little rat named Summer," she glares at the Oreos. Oh god, what now? 

We walk upstairs towards my bedroom and close the door, hoping for some privacy. She climbs on the bed and I join her.

"Courtney stopped by my house today," she starts, leaning against my headboard.


"She was freaking out about some pair of shoes she got at the mall yesterday," Olivia trails off.

"What does that have to do with Summer?" I ask confused. "Wait, are they the ones I got her for Christmas?"

"No, you're good, it's not about that. Summer was there, at the mall," Olivia tells me slowly.

"Okay?" I asked confused since Summer is not someone I'm too concerned about at the moment.

"She was with some girls from school and they were talking about you." I nod my head slowly and gesture for her to continue. "She was saying how she was going to come after you, it was kind of funny actually."

"She's so pathetic, honestly. Let her come, bring it," I grin making Olivia smirk slowly, showing the Oreo crumbs still on her face.

"Oh, I know, which is why I have devised a plan. We don't strike first, we wait, patiently for the first attack. That way, when we get in trouble we can say she started it."

"Is this really necessary? It's Summer we're talking about," I remind her with a laugh.

"Who was the girl that cut your bangs in seventh grade at Melissa Pennings house while we were asleep?"

I purse my lips in thought, "Okay, but I don't want to be hung up about this, she's not worth it," I tell her, trying to convince myself that.

"And I agree with you... but the bitch needs to go down."


Time for the scheming to start!

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