Chapter 1

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"Shit," I murmured as I picked up my books that just fell out of my locker.

"Need some help?" my best friend of ten years asked me while leaning against her locker, that was conveniently next to mine. Coincidence, no?

"No, it's okay you can just stand there and watch me," I answered sarcastically.

"Oh, good I wasnt going to do it anyway, I would rather not flash the entire student body, if you know what I mean," she smirked at me.

I stood up after picking up the fallen books and looked at her short skirt and tank top, "Yeah about that, why are you dressed like a hoe today?"

"Love you too," she rolled her eyes at me, "We've already discussed this Charlotte- Zach thinks that he can have me whenever he wants, and still sleep with other girls, so I'm trying to show him that he can shove his opinions up his ass while I show off mine," she winked at me. Yup, that's my best friend all right.

"Seriously? Zach Blackwood? The biggest player in the whole school, Zach Blackwood? Have I taught you nothing at all?"

"Obviously not if I'm hooking up with him in Mrs Shea's classroom after school twice a week," she smirked at me. For the love of God.

"I thought Courtney was the kind to hook up in empty classrooms after school." I shut my locker and lean against it facing Olivia.

"Oh she is, that is why I get the classroom twice a week," she laughed. Of course, those two would make an agreement like that, but when in high school why the hell not?

High school is like a place where there's this silent competition on who can break the most rules before they get caught, whoever gets kicked out first loses. Of course, I am not the, hooking up in an empty classroom, kind of girl. I'm more of the classic prankster that pretends to be innocent while she's silently supergluing her teachers things to his desk because he failed her in the tenth grade for occasionally doing other subjects homework during his lessons. Jackass.

"Remind me why we're friends again?" I ask at her.

"Because I'm a delight to have around and your life would be so innocent and boring without me," she leaned over and gave me an exaggerated kiss on the cheek, most likely smearing her lipstick on me.

"Gross," I wiped my cheek with my hand, "We should start heading to the lot, Q and Courts are probably waiting for us," we started walking towards the entrance of the school, our bags hanging off our shoulders. Friday after school was always girl time. The four of us would hang out together and just do stupid things for the sake of doing it.

"First week of hell is over!" I hear my loud and proud friend Courtney yell from across the parking lot where my car is parked.

"Courtney keep it down, god you're so loud," Olivia shouts equally as loud next to me. We stop in front of the other two; I unlock the car and we all climb in.

"I tried to tell her that her voice isn't that appealing to everyone that has to hear it," Quinn teases from the back seat. We all laugh while Courtney pouts from the backseat.

These three girls are the biggest pains in my ass, but they're my girls and we've been friends since our elementary days. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for them. Sure we make fun of each other but that is what friends do, tell each other how it is, there's no time for sugar coating everything just so that there won't be any arguments. If I couldn't handle arguments with my best friends, then we wouldn't have gotten past the first day we had met.

One hour later, after deciding to stop for coffee which turned into a whole catch up moment for all of us, even though we see each other all day every day at school, we pulled into my driveway only to find five other cars parked at my house. Five very expensive looking SUVs that I've seen in the school parking lot since my sophomore year.

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